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Created on: Mar/17/2003 - Updated: Mar/27/2003 - The Ghetto Crew

Who we are:
We are a group of fans of the music group Hanson. Hanson, who are very supportive of their fans, have created public forums for us to participate in. Alas, some of us ain't too happy with the Boards. Moderators are constanly deleting our posts for the dumbest reasons and we feel as though we have no freedom to say what we want. So we, have taken matters into our own hands...

What we are willing to do:
Lindsey a constant poster of the Hanson Boards decided to create her own; The Ghetto Underground. A place for the fans to be who they want to be- no questions asked; no ifs; ands; or buts about it!

What rules are there?
Well, in reality the creators haven't discuss any specific rules. But the standard is that anything is accepted except for really inappropiate stuff. It will be up to the mods to decided what is inappropiate and what it not. But don't think you can get away with anything and everything. Also, I think it will be best if the users of the Ghetto aren't younger than 14 years old. Since any topic can be touched and said, I find (Millie) that 14 and older is an acceptable age. The creators aren't responsible if we find something appropiate and you don't, and then you feel insulted and try to rage againts us.

Want to Join?
If you are a Hanson fan and aren't too happy with the forums head over to our board by clicking here: The Ghetto Underground

Who are we exactly?
Lindsey: Also known as PinkSunsetDreams the creator of The Ghetto Underground got in fights with the mods.

Millie: Also known as para-kiss, she fucked up the original Ghetto Underground, never got in fights with the mods, but she didn't like them.

Donna C: Also known as Crescent_Moon. The unofficial "secretary". She joined cause the mods deleted posts of her for the dumbest reasons (i.e. talking about downloading music off the internet!).

Trisha: Also known as dramatoid. Part of the Ghetto crew.

More bios as soon as Lindsey informs me...

We don't know Hanson or anyone related to Hanson. The opinions about them voiced here, are just that, opinions, not facts. By creating this board we don't want to alienate Hanson fans from the Hansonline boards just give them a way to voice their true opinions without putting their accounts in jeopardy. So yea, don't sue :P

You can email the ghetto crew at If you want to contact a specific member, point it out on the subject and the message will be forwarded to her. Use this email if you have any questions in general.

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