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Haunted California:

Some of the haunted places in our very own home state, California.

  • Alameda, CA - The USS Hornet
    Haunted by the ghosts of sailors who perished on board.

  • Anaheim, CA - Disneyland
    The Disney Gallery is believed to be haunted by Walt himself.
    In The Haunted Mansion, people have felt being touched, had their hair pulled, and seen apparitions. Also believed to be haunted by a man who died of a heart attack in Aug. 1970.   In It's a Small World, the dolls move without power and the lights turn on and off by themselves. Matterhorn Mountain is believed to be haunted a woman named Dolly who was crushed to death after she fell out of her sled. The old People Mover ride was believed to be haunted by a teenage boy who died on the ride after jumping out of the cabin car and getting caught under the cabin car behind him. In Tomorrow Land, people have felt cold spots and a menacing energy.

  • Atwater, CA - Castle Air Museum
    A B-29 aircraft in museum is haunted by a crewmember who died on the craft in a bomb explosion. Lights turn on and off and the propellers turn.

  • Benicia, CA - The Union Hotel
    Haunted by a woman who hung herself in the 1800's. She has been heard talking and crying and turns lights on and off.

  • Bevery Hills, CA - Barrymore Estate
    Haunted by the ghosts of Ethyl, Lionel, and John.

  • Beverly Hills, CA - Doheny Mansion
    Workers hear sounds and screams inside this house. Some areas have been closed off due to strange activity..

  • Beverly Hills, CA - Pickfair Mansion
    Believed to be haunted by Douglas Fairbanks.

  • Boulder Creek, CA - Brookdale Lodge
    This lodge contains secret passages and hidden rooms. Sightings of a female ghost in the lobby, voices and soft music has been heard in the Mermaid Room.

  • Camarillo - Channel Islands University
    Believed to be haunted by the spirits of patients who died when this location was a state hospital. Voices have been heard and various male and female ghosts have been seen.

  • Carson, CA - Dominguez Ranch House Museum
    A stop over for traveller's in the 1800's. Orbs and balls of bright have been seen outside this museum at night.

  • City of Industry, CA - Pacific Palms Resort
    Formerly called The Sheraton Hotel. Supposidly people have seen dark figures in the golf course and have heard noises. Note: When I was a teenager, my friends and I used to sneek onto this golf course at night and run wild. Maybe it was us they seen?

  • Claremont, CA - Griswold Old School House
    White mists have been seen, doors open by themselves, and children's voices have been heard.

  • Claremont - Thompson Creek
    People have had experiences seeing mists in the shapes of skulls, shadow figures, visions of violence, levitating rocks, symbols on a cabin and some trees that bleed, and felt an invisble force that blocks them from entering certain parts of this area.

  • Diamond Bar, CA - Brea Canyon Road
    Haunted by one or more people who died here in car accidents. At night, people have seen hikers trying to get a ride, but they mysteriously dissappear after they pass them.

  • East Los Angeles, CA - Linda Vista Hospital
    In and around this abandoned hospital, people have felt cold spots, seen lights going on and off, ghosts of a doctor, a patient, and have heard noises, crying, moaning, and screams.

  • El Dorado, CA - El Dorado Cemetery
    Sightings of orbs, mists, and voices have been heard.

  • Eureka, CA - Fort Humboldt
    Ghost sightings of a man looking out the window of the old hospital building, believed to be of a post commander who died in the mid 1800's of malaria. Experiences of lights going on and off and large objects being moved.

  • Highland, CA - The Bethany House
    This abandoned insane asylum is believed to be haunted by a violent female spirit.

  • Hollywood, CA - Chateau Marmont Hotel
    Frequented by many Hollywood stars over the years. Many occurances of paranormal activity, believed to be haunted by deceased famous people. Location of John Belushi's death.

  • Hollywood, CA - Hollywood Forever Cemetery
    Where many stars of the silver screen are buried. A ghost referred to as the lady in black frequents the grave of Rudolph Valentino.

  • Hollywood, CA - Mann's Chinese Theater
    Believed to be haunted by the actor Victor Killian.

  • Hollywood, CA - Errol Flynn's Estate (former)
    Located on Mullholand Drive, all that remains is the foundation. Sightings of balls of lights and party type noises.

  • Hollywood, CA - Roosevelt Hotel
    Frequented by many Hollywood stars over the years. Marilyn Monroe's image has been seen appearing in a mirror hanging in the lobby.

  • Hollywood, CA - Universal Studios
    Believed to be haunted by deceased actor Lon Chaney Sr.

  • Inglewood, CA - Inglewood Park Cemetary
    Sightings of ghostly figures, and strange noises have been heard at this location.

  • Long Beach, CA - The Queen Mary
    One of the most famous haunted vessels. Numerous experiences of various paranormal activity and sightings by employees and visitors.

  • Pomona, CA - Lanterman Developmental Center
    Various paranormal activity such as ghostly figures, foosteps, voices, and doors locking and unlocking by themselves.

  • San Bernardino, CA - Calico Ghost Town
    Believed to be haunted by many spirtis, including the infamous Wyatt Euerp.

  • San Diego, CA - Camp Pendleton, 41 Area
    Second floor room in the barracks is believed to be haunted by a Marine who shot himself after his fiancé left him. The ghost apparently hums the Jeapordy game show tune, moves furniture, and struck one Marine while he was sleeping.

  • San Diego, CA - Hotel Del Coronado
    Haunted by a former female guest while staying their as a result of either suicide or murder? Her ghost has been seen on the hotel grounds as well as in her room, now #3312.

  • San Diego, CA - NAS Miramar
    Air Hanger 1 is believed to be haunted the air crew that died when their F-8 air craft crashed there in the 60's.

  • San Diego, CA - Point Loma National Cemetary
    Sightings of the ghosts of Marines who are buried there, believed to be from WWII, looking over the cliff into the ocean.

  • San Diego, CA - The Whaley House
    Haunted by original owner Thomas Whaley; a man who was executed by hanging when this location was used as a courthouse; a female spirit; along with numerous others.

  • San Diego, CA - Vagabond Motel
    Haunted by a female who committed suicide in room 325. Her ghost has appeared as a tall woman with light hair, along with the scent of jasmine.

  • San Dimas, CA - San Dimas Mansion
    Built in 1887. Reports of noises, as if objects being moved across the floor, doors trying to be opened, bangin on windows, and the doorbell ringing by itself.

  • San Francisco, CA - Alcatraz
    A former prison that held some of the most notorious criminals. Believed to be haunted by infamous gangsters along with other negative entities.

  • San Jose, CA - Winchester House
    Haunted by the original owner, Sarah Winchester, and others who died there.  Voices and laughing have been heard, ghosts appeared, furniture moving on its own.

  • Seal Beach, CA - US Naval Weapons Station
    Sightings of ghostly apparitions, poltergeist activities, noise and moaning, footsetps, knocking sounds, and more.

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