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Haunted US Military:

Reports of paranormal activity and ghostly sightings on or near military bases and other locations

  • Alameda, CA - The USS Hornet
    Haunted by the ghosts of sailors who perished on board.

  • Atwater, CA - Castle Air Museum
    A B-29 aircraft in museum is haunted by a crewmember who died on the craft in a bomb explosion. Lights turn on and off and the propellers turn.

  • Eureka, CA - Fort Humboldt
    Ghost sightings of a man looking out the window of the old hospital building, believed to be of a post commander who died in the mid 1800's of malaria. Experiences of lights going on and off and large objects being moved.

  • San Diego, CA - Camp Pendleton, 41 Area
    One of the rooms on the second floor in barracks is haunted by a Marine who shot himself after his fiancé left him. People have heard the ghost humming the tune of the game show Jeopardy, furniture moved, and one Marine said the ghost struck him while he was sleeping.

  • San Diego, CA - NAS Miramar
    Air Hanger 1 is believed to be haunted the air crew that died when their F-8 air craft crashed there in the 60's.

  • San Diego, CA - Point Loma National Cemetary
    Sightings of the ghosts of Marines who are buried there, believed to be from WWII, looking over the cliff into the ocean.

  • Seal Beach, CA - US Naval Weapons Station
    Sightings of ghostly apparitions, poltergeist activities, noise and moaning, footsetps, knocking sounds, and more.

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