The Man Behind it All
An Idiot's Guide to Terence Corrigan
Observe.  This is Terence.


If this was a regular fan page about the average actor, it would probably start with a nice little filmography or biography or something.  We'd love to do the same thing, only...well, there's not much to tell.





Stella, ever the goddess of the Terence world, has managed to find information from his agent!  In light of her wonderful discovery, we've had to adjust our list of Things We Know For Sure About Terence:

1.  His name is Terence Corrigan
2.  He has brown hair, brown eyes, freckles, and a bit of an overbite.
3.  His roles have been:  Midshipman Wellard in Horatio Hornblower: The Adventure Continues, Charles Jennings in Midsomer Murders: Dead Man's 11 and Death's Shadow, Young Best in Best, and Shop Assistant in Wild About Harry.
4.  He played Christ in the play Quarantine.
5.  He's probably from Northern Ireland.
6.  He's currently 24.
7.  He's darn cute.
8.  He has a friend named Phil.

And the additions:

9.  He is 5'10"
10. His non-professional theatre experience included roles in Billy, Brush Up Your Shakespeare, The Silver Tassie, Hello Dolly (eeee!  Musical!), Shades of the Prison House, Teechers, and Equus.
11.  He was apparently in movies called Slayers and Thanks For The Memories.
12. His birthdate is August 8, 1978. (BIRTHDAY!  WE CAN HAVE PARTIES NOW!)
13.  He can play the piano and has basic guitar and concertina skills.
14.  His accents include Dublin, Belfast, Cork, Liverpool, Manchester, Cockney, Scottish, American, Yorkshire, RP.

Those last 6 Terence Facts were gleaned from
his agent's site.

If you want to see Stella's cool Terence page where he answered a few questions, go

The Roles of The Man

Midshipman Wellard (Horatio Hornblower: The Adventure Continues)

This is probably Terence's biggest role in any movie/TV show to date.  Wellard is a Mishipman on the H.M.S. Renown.  He's a quiet sort of guy, mostly because he spends a good 1/2 of the movie under the captain's thumb.  He bears the brunt of Captain Sawyer's cruelty.  The poor dear gets the stuffing whipped out of him several times for crimes he never committed.  However, once the captain is subdued, he comes out of his shell, and we see that the kid has potential to be a darn good seaman.  He gets sent on two rather dangerous missions by Mr. Hornblower, both because of his relatively small size (don't worry, Wellie, the Princess can sympathize!).  Alas, Wellard meets a heroic end.  It's a dignified death, but *still*...he's too young to go!

Charles Jennings
(Midsomer Murders: Dead Man's 11 and Death's Shadow)

Here we get bad@ss Terence.  Yum.  Jennings is a former rent-boy (we think) who hangs around Midsomer.  He apparently had a bit of a run-in with Barnaby and Troy in Death's Shadow, involvin being baught in a rather embarrassing situation with another guy.   He bears a wee grudge against them through Dead Man's 11.  Jennings is apparently quite a cricket player too, and we get some lovely shots of Terence in his whites.  He smoulders a lot, and gives a lot of mischevious grins.  There's also a scene where he writes a blackmail letter where I was about to fall off the sofa.  Poor Charles meets a sad end too; stabbed in the back with a Nazi knife.  So sad.

Young Best (Best: The Movie):'s only a bit part, but it's completely worth it.  My copy is not very good; the picture goes light and dark, so I get some gaps in what I see.  But that's OK.  Terence is only in about 5 minutes.  He serves as a flashback to Best's childhood.  It shows him joining Man U's youth football team.  He goes about his daily life: he's chased out of bed by some lady, he chases after friends while mopping, he combs his hair in an attempt to look like a Beatle.  But the best part is when he is cleaning his cleats.  He looks up at the camera, smiles broadly, and raises his eyebrows in a playful way.  Rewind moment if there ever was one.  Alas, 'tis not much.  But, hey, we're not picky!

What's there to love?

Plenty!  Of course, we may be a *little* biased.  Anyway, here's a few of the things that we simply can't get enough of...

The Eyes
The namesake of the BEWB.  Who would have thought that two little pools of chocolatey goodness could express so much?  They smile, they smoulder, they grieve, they darn well do everything except the foxtrot.  What's left to explain?

The Freckles
Who else could pull it off?  Some find them to be childishly endearing, but we embrace the freckles as being hot.  So we're weird.  As if you haven't figured that out by now....

The Stature
Most guys can't pull lanky like he can.  You can have your muscle men, but this guy's for us.  Lack of muscle is sweet in his case. 

The Voice
Shockingly deep.  One wouldn't expect that voice to come from such a young-looking guy.  And from what we've gathered, it should have a bit of an Irish accent, which would be really awesome.  Alas, we've yet to hear it.  Nuts.

And there's the little things, too.  Such as his adeptness at taking on sporty roles, his swing of the cricket bat, his slight little overbite...add it all together, and those are the reasons why we spend far too much time thinking about this guy.

What's Next?

We haven't got the slightest clue.  Hence the desire for replies.  Terence, if you're out there, WRITE US BACK FOR PETE'S SAKE!

But, there are some roles that we think would be really cool for Terence to play in the future.  At the BEWB, we've tossed around some random thoughts for Terence-casting, in holes in hostorical dramas, science fiction, fantasy, comedy, and pretty well anything under the sun.  The big thing I think would be great for him to do would be to play Cedric Diggory in future Harry Potter movies.  We've all got a different view of what's in store for Terence, but whatever it is, we just want him to be happy (and make us happy in the process--two words--shirtless scene!)

So, what should I do now?

First things first.  See a Terence flick!  The easiest access one is Hornblower, by far.  So go see Hornblower.

Then, join the BEWB!  It's easy.  If you're not a member of Yahoo, go join.  Then, go here and join us!  If you have problems, just email the Queen or Princess and let us know.

And then GUSH AWAY!

That's all there is to being a Terence fan.  And, if you're willing to put up with us, you can be in on all the happy in-jokes and insanity of what we've come to think of as a big, gushy family.

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