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Bryn and Susan

- 12/28/00 17:16:11
My Email:cbriggs@newaygocmh.org
Location: Newaygo, Michigan
Favorite John Gorka song: Too many to mention

Great site, nice to know I am not alone in being a great fan of John Gorka.

gerald t. - 12/24/00 11:54:50
My Email:trebaticky@aol.com
Location: germany
Favorite John Gorka song: armed with a broken heart

thanks for having that site in the net. in germany john is not so famous but but there are more and more irish and scotish artists having his songs in the programm. wasn´t it time for a new cd. he kept us waiting for such a long time. gerald

walsh - 12/19/00 03:10:31
My Email:walshryan75@hotmail.com
Location: Elk Mound, WI
Favorite John Gorka song: Raven in the Storm, Bottles Break, Silence, Vinney Charles, etc.

John Kicks Ass

Tim - 12/12/00 01:30:42
My Email:Timothy_Miller@use.salvationarmy.org
Location: Pittsburgh
Favorite John Gorka song: Flying Red Horse

Like others have mentioned, it's hard to pick out just one of his songs as my favorite, but this one seems like it was written for me. Thanks for your music John. It never ceases to amaze me.

martin - 12/11/00 10:58:11
My Email:mhall@alaskalife.net
Location: anchorage
Favorite John Gorka song: Can't Make Up My Mind?

Figure after 5 or so visits, I better sign in. Thanks for the great work.

Conny Vos - 12/09/00 22:30:51
My Email:hecoma123@hetnet.nl
Location: Holland
Favorite John Gorka song: I love them all !!!!

Just like Jos van Vliet I am from Holland. I saw Mr. Gorka live in Utrecht. And I carry his music in my heart. There is music and there is MUSIC. I hope there will be a new record soon!!!! Thanks John !!!!

Hans-Jürgen Müller (Hennes) - 12/08/00 20:12:52
My Email:Hennes-M@gmx.de
Location: 33602 Bielefeld, Niederwall 39, Germany
Favorite John Gorka song: There are so many............

There are so many very good songs. For me, I can say, he fills me up with silence, quiet and well-balanced. Please, come to Germany. Let me know ! Thanks for work.

Janis Fowler Pruitt - 12/07/00 04:11:52
My Email:janis1028@aol.com
Location: Louisville, KY.
Favorite John Gorka song: Sentinel of Seneca

I'ts hard to come up w/my favorite, since so many come to mind! I've had the priviledge of turning a lot of folks on to John's music. I used to have my own radio show in Rome GA and received Land of the Bottom Line after writing record companies. I sat down & wept when I heard Sentinel of Seneca..

Tony - 12/06/00 00:57:28
My Email:anthony_donato@lotus.com
Favorite John Gorka song: I Saw a Stranger....

I used to do sound (volunteer) at Godfrey Daniels in Bethlehem for a few years (early-to-mid-nineties) and once I drove up see John one night when I wasn't working because I had a few of his CD's and really enjoyed them. I sat next to Lucy Kaplansky who w s also playing a warmup set plus some accompaniment to John later on. He had a fiddle player up on stage with him and I was struck with different his voice sounded live than in the studio -- it seemed lighter, more ethereal. Also the darkness of a lot of his songs seemed to go away as well. All in all it was very enjoyable even though I didn't recognize most of the songs he played that night -- probably my fault for not having acquired "Out of the Valley" yet. I've got to say, he's an extremely pleasant an polite fellow; when I almost bumped into him accidentally in the snack bar area, he very kindly stepped aside. He's certainly not a prententious type like some some of the egomaniacs I had the displeasure of working with there. He's a real person and a d mn good songwriter as well.

Stephen - 12/05/00 21:18:49
My Email:smlandarch@cs.com
Location: Milwaukee
Favorite John Gorka song: That's impossible

Of course u knew I had show up at some point.

Mike D. - 12/05/00 20:14:09
My Email:michael.l.demarco@us.pwcglobal.com
Location: Washington DC suburbs
Favorite John Gorka song: gosh, i don't know, maybe Flying Red Horse, maybe Semper Fi, maybe Silence

Your site..in particular the "encounters" of the co-hostesses is appealing. I haven't seen John since the 1997 Williamstown concert (see your Berkshire Eagle review) and I miss him. Interestingly, I didn't like "after yesterday" that much...for the first time feeling like I didn't relate as much to what John was saying (his son, his new life of responsibility, etc.), but earlier this year, I had my first son. I thought, I need to relisten. I did, and now I feel the magic in those songs much more so than did originally. When will there be a new John Gorka CD?

Paulita - 12/05/00 14:59:27
My Email:pollylocks@aol.com
Location: the planet
Favorite John Gorka song: undecided

absolutamnete maravillosa

John Sands - 12/02/00 16:51:58
My Email:sancorp@erols.com
Location: Bensalem, PA
Favorite John Gorka song: All That Hammering

Great songwriter & performer. Looking forward to seeing him again in person when he swings by these parts in the near future.

Dan McMillan - 12/02/00 04:39:25
My Email:danmc@apk.net
Location: Lakewood, Ohio
Favorite John Gorka song: pick any

Big Fan!

SCOTT THOMAS - 12/01/00 21:34:58
Favorite John Gorka song: FLYING RED HORSE


Ray - 12/01/00 12:37:49
My Email:rjsooley@juno.com
Location: West Milford, NJ

Gorka has too many songs that hit different moods to choose a favorite. Today it's "I'm from NJ"

Donny D - 11/30/00 02:57:15
My URL:http://www.eastcoastspecialties.net
My Email:LowestTOY@aol.com
Location: Georgia
Favorite John Gorka song: anything on jacks crows

It's nice to know that I'm not the only guy that loves the music and lyrics of John Gorka. I'm not a big folk lover, I listen to everything form hard rock to country to rap but nothing gets to me quite like John Gorka. I am glad to have found this site! I can not tell you how soothing it is and how deep it touches my soul... to whoever sent me this link.. thankyou!!! Donny D

CN Nitibhon - 11/25/00 00:34:07
My Email:cninnj@aol.com
Location: Berkeley Heights, NJ
Favorite John Gorka song: Love is our cross to bear

John Gorka is such a powerful performer. I have seen him about a dozen times and never cease to be amazed about how well he plays guitar and sings. His song-writing is also incredible and I am glad to hear that he is now married and has a happy little s n that looks like Charles Bronson when he cries !! I am sorry John moved from the East coast but know deep down that he's still from New Jersey !!

connie - 11/22/00 14:25:05
My Email:martinsofindy@aol.com
Location: Carmel Indiana


Anne Nugent - 11/20/00 20:20:08
My URL:http://www.oocities.org/athens/1293/annie.html
My Email:anugent1@erols.com
Location: New York, New York
Favorite John Gorka song: I Saw a Stranger...

You've done a fabulous job with everything guys. Looks much better then I ever got it to look! :> Cheers to you! - Anne

Red - 11/20/00 02:28:37
My Email:FlyRedHrse
Location: Philly(where else)
Favorite John Gorka song: take a guess?

Paula and Cynthia, what a wonderful site. It is one I will return to for sure, especially after you get that lyrics page done. I am always wanting to quote some Gorka and it will be great to click and find instead of hunt up the CD covers. Thanks for a great Gorka site. Bye! FRH

Will - 11/18/00 15:09:39
My Email:wfrankli@hotmail.com
Location: Woodlands, TX
Favorite John Gorka song: Scraping Dixie...though any of them will do!

Most excellent site! Sad to see the old one go, but glad to see the new one too! Hmm...sad-happy...sounds like a theme for a Gorka song. My wife and I had the pleasure of seeing John & Lucy in Fayettville, AR a few years ago, and recently in Houston. As many have said, John's music touches us in a special way...thanks John!

Annie - 11/18/00 08:07:33
My Email:anne@i-axis.com
Location: concord, CA
Favorite John Gorka song: All of them

Please spend some more time in Calif.

al - 11/16/00 22:28:58
My Email:alan.watkins3@virgin.net
Location: uk
Favorite John Gorka song: semper fi

john has gave me a new interest in music and made me start to play out live again too solo and with my band. i hope he tours over in the uk soon. i am also looking forward to seeing lucy kaplansky this dec all the best Al

Turner - 11/15/00 23:28:08
My Email:Timothy_Miller@use.salvationarmy.org
Location: Pittsburgh
Favorite John Gorka song: Flying Red Horse

A friend introduced me to John's music about eight years ago. I was hooked immediately and have since then purchased all of his albums (several times, grand larceny is a bummer). Between his voice, his guitar, and especially his lyrics, I never get tire of listening.

annie - 11/14/00 19:59:46
My Email:annwhitcomb@earthlink.net
Location: Reston, VA
Favorite John Gorka song: I love them all!

John Gorka is my favorite entertainer. His shows always make me laugh (a lot!) and his music is incomparable--lyrics, melody, and the great way he performs it. Oh, and he is very nice to look at!!

Tami - 11/12/00 14:40:09
My Email:tamarashaw@hotmail.com
Location: NC
Favorite John Gorka song: depends on the day

Paula, I have finally made the connection...you are the Paula I already know from the Wilcox list! The site is great. I look forward to checking in regularly! Tami

matt mumma - 11/11/00 12:00:41
My Email:mfmumma@prodigy.net
Location: columbus, ohio
Favorite John Gorka song: land of the bottom line


kevin freed - 11/07/00 00:07:32
My Email:cdkkf86@go.com
Location: east greenville,pa (near bethlehem)
Favorite John Gorka song: the flying red horse

just saw the glenside concert. it was alright. want to know if he will be playing ALONE at the icehouse or not, in february of 2001. please send answer soon to above e-mail.

Tami - 11/05/00 12:51:46
My Email:tamarashaw@hotmail.com
Location: NC

I have just viewed John's tour schedule and am disappointed to see that he will be nowhere near me anytime soon. I had (still have, actually) tickets to a nearby show in the spring, but was unable to attend because my father was sick and I was out of town. I hope he will come to NC again soon! Tami

ian brodie - 11/04/00 18:03:59
My Email:iancbrodie@hotmail.com
Location: scotland
Favorite John Gorka song: to many to mention

I am a big fan of John Gorka, I saw him a while back in Edinburgh,supporting Mary Chapin Carpenter I was moved by his words and music. I like john am also a big Fan of Stan Rogers. If you are speaking to him tell him to come back to Edinburgh please.

James - 10/31/00 20:55:39
Location: Irvine
Favorite John Gorka song: "Silence" & "Love is Our Cross to Bear"

Great site! I've been listening to John for a few years now but I just saw him in concert for the first time last year. Amazing! I cannot say enough about him as a live performer. He blew me away.

Kim Loepp - 10/30/00 20:53:31
My Email:kim.loepp@cliffordchance.com
Location: Milford, CT
Favorite John Gorka song: Armed With a Broken Heart

I saw John in concert at Ravinia in Chicago last year, with Lucy Kaplansky and Dar Williams. Truly moving to see. I'm really glad you started this page - it's nice to know others appreciate him too! I am a 30 year old attorney living in CT, working in NY, and wishing there were more folk (music) around here...

patty jeane - 10/29/00 21:59:45
My Email:pbenson@carlson.com
Location: minnesota
Favorite John Gorka song: depends on the mood but mortal groove is up there and so is where the bottles break..

A number of wonderful and lucky things have happened to me in the last few years. And I consider being introduced to the music of John Gorka as one of them. If you haven't seen him live, go soon. Go often. Don't wait.

John Kelley - 10/29/00 06:29:43
My Email:jk58078@swt.edu
Location: Austin, Tx.
Favorite John Gorka song: Semper FI

I love the website. It is very aesthetically pleasing and tremendously useful with the numerous links. I have enjoyed John Gorka since I first heard "Blues Palace" in 1987. I was a senior in High School. Today I am in my 30's and am still listening to John.

David B in Charlotte - 10/28/00 16:52:32
My Email:broomecj@aol.com
Favorite John Gorka song: I Don't Feel Like A Train

Way to go Paula. Talking about doing what you Love! Good Luck, David.

russell - 10/25/00 15:47:56
My Email:daunruss@ecol.net
Location: whitehall
Favorite John Gorka song: st.caffiene

hi susan i heard st. caffeine with you and tim in galesville saturday. nice web

Larry - 10/24/00 00:48:30
My Email:Ljbert36@aol.com
Location: Langhorne, PA...near to Philly
Favorite John Gorka song: changes day to day w/ my mood.


Tammy - 10/23/00 23:23:51
My Email:twhobar@aol.com
Location: PA
Favorite John Gorka song: Raven in the Storm

I always knew John Gorka's music was special, and it is nice to find a web site that knows it too. I've been a fan for 10 years or so now, and wish I'd been around longer. It's easy to take a piece of John's music with you wherever you go - his lyrics enter your soul where they remain forever.

Jeff - 10/23/00 20:19:05
My Email:jeffstone@iwon.com
Location: Western MAssachusetts

Hi Paula

patrick deninger - 10/21/00 04:39:45
My Email:jpdenin@win.bright.net
Location: trempealeau, wis.
Favorite John Gorka song: Vinnie Charles is Free

Thanks for the website. I look forward to checking in often and seeing new photos, stories and news!

Steve McGraw - 10/21/00 02:19:22
My Email:cycle12345@msn.com
Location: Roanoke/Salem, Virginia
Favorite John Gorka song: "Campaign Trail", "Silence"

Great job, Paula and Cynthia; thanks for putting this together for the rest of us! John Gorka's simply the best, and you two make him even better for the rest of us. Thanks again! Steve

Drew Drentlaw - 10/20/00 15:59:23
My Email:Drentlaw@Yahoo.com
Location: Northfield, MN
Favorite John Gorka song: Blow 'Em Away

Lookin' Good Paula! Will you be setting up a store for Gorka-wear? I gotta get me some! Namaste, ~Drew

Mike - 10/19/00 17:18:41
My Email:between5and7@hotmail.com
Location: Wisconsin
Favorite John Gorka song: Tough Question!

Great job on the site, it certainly is a place I plan on visiting often.

Scott Strassels - 10/19/00 16:42:16
My Email:salsas3@aol.com


Adam Bauer - 10/19/00 13:18:35
Location: FTA


David Tamulevich - 10/19/00 12:22:43
My Email:david@flemtam.com

A wonderful site, wonderfully and thoughtfully put together..what a delight.

Gunky - 10/18/00 22:39:33
Location: Charlotte,NC/ ChicagoLand
Favorite John Gorka song: Love Is Our Coss To Bear

Lookin' Good Ladies!...Oh, and the site is cool too!...;-[)!

Lisa Wheeler - 10/16/00 18:13:09
My Email:wheelers@mint.net
Location: Waterville, Maine
Favorite John Gorka song: Love is Our Cross to Bear, Good


Beth - 10/16/00 17:04:08
My Email:bethbush@goes.com
Location: Changewater, NJ
Favorite John Gorka song: Land of the Bottom Line

I love John's voice and his storytelling ballads... I agree with Christine Lavin, he's a snag, alright!

Wayne Renardson - 10/16/00 16:48:10
My Email:renardwc@ctrvax.vanderbilt.edu
Location: Nashville TN
Favorite John Gorka song: TMTN

I've lived in a town full of songwriters since 1972. Nashville money people would do well to listen to Gorka and wonder why their crap sounds so mediocre in comparison. Listening to 'Land of the Bottom Line' and wow....Years back I saw Maura O'Connell cover his Blue Chalk and thought it was the best song about addiction I had heard...still think so. Wayne Renardson

Kris Pancoast - 10/16/00 15:18:34
My Email:krisp88@erols.com
Location: Philadelphia PA
Favorite John Gorka song: Houses in the Fields and MANY more :)

First off, Kudos to Bryn & Susan - BEAUTIFUL work on the site!!

About John...what can I say?? I've loved his music since I first saw him in 1990. I've had the fortune of seeing him live many times and will see him every chance I get (only have to wait a couple weeks now!). Thank you John for making some of the finest music out there.

Andy Benson (Bryn's nephew) - 10/16/00 15:03:15
My URL:http://www.ibuyer.net
My Email:abenson@ibuyer.net
Location: State College, PA
Favorite John Gorka song: Not sure :)

Hi Bryn, Very nice site, I am very impressed. Good luck in your HTML class and let me know if you ever need any help. (ie: you can copy my homework :) ) Talk to you soon. --Andy

Robbie - 10/16/00 14:46:42
My Email:robpiper@aol.com
Location: Terre Haute, IN
Favorite John Gorka song: Let Them In

Excellent web site! Every time I hear Let Them In, I tear up. Although about soldiers who die young, I think of all those who have died before their time.

john - 10/16/00 11:58:45
My Email:diamondmask@juno.com
Location: Sumner WA
Favorite John Gorka song: hmmmm......

Very nice page. Loads quickly cause there isn't a bunch of flashing and dancing geegaws all over the place. Thankyouverymuch. I'll be back.

Robyn Silberstein - 10/16/00 04:10:17
My Email:str8tthks@aol.com
Location: IL

Great Web site!

Block - 10/16/00 02:02:23
My Email:Block_dog@Prodigy.net
Location: Down Here
Favorite John Gorka song: Let 'em In

The site is first class, great job. I'll have to dig out some Gorka and listen again. Block Dog

Carla - 10/16/00 00:38:18
My Email:Loomie1@aol.com
Favorite John Gorka song: Yikes, Hard to say!


Bunny - 10/16/00 00:25:56
My Email:cotntail@home.com
Location: Venice, Florida
Favorite John Gorka song: "Flying Red Horse", or "Mercy of the Wheels", or ... Oh heck I "Can't Make Up My Mind"

Great site! First heard John Gorka on WMNF Community Radio, out of Tampa. (wmnf.org they do webcasts). Saw him in concert in St. Pete for my birthday soon after. Still waiting for an opportunity for my next live concert. "Flying Red Horse" has always felt as if it were written just for me. Thanks for your hard work on the site. I'll come back and visit again. Bunny

Justin Roth - 10/15/00 20:45:26
My URL:http://www.justinroth.com
My Email:justin@justinroth.com
Location: on the road...
Favorite John Gorka song: gypsy life

Great website Paula and Susan! Those photos of look-alikes are a bit shocking though. :-) John's rebel years perhaps before the music career picked up. JG has been a huge influence on me over the years in my own writing and continues to be someone who raises the bar on my standards of what is good and honest music. Thanks John...

AndyK - 10/14/00 21:01:21
My Email:Jandy1321@aol.com
Location: Sarasota, FL
Favorite John Gorka song: I Saw A Stranger With Your Hair

My hat's off to Paula & Cynthia for the loving energy that they have given to this website. Their wit, artistic gifts, intelligence, and appreciation of John's work come through loud and clear. The text and background is easy on the eyes and I find myself sitting here, chin in hand, for all too long, admiring the fruit of their labor of love. Thank you both for sharing your creative gifts. Namaste, Andy K

Sara Chamberlin - 10/14/00 01:38:22
My Email:sareywrite@dellnet.com
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Favorite John Gorka song: lots!

John's music has touched and helped me to reshape my life--particularly creatively--over the past couple of years. I've also been lucky enough to see him live a number of times, including my birthday last year--a friend of mine told him, and he was VERY kind--dedicated "Love Is Our Cross to Bear" to me, but also, against my express wish, did "People My Age" (!) even though, yep, we are both '58'ers! I look forward to more music to mark the passages of my life as John marks his . . . . Your site is looking great!

s. - 10/14/00 00:57:13
My Email:jesterdoc@yahoo.com
Favorite John Gorka song: too numerous to count

We've been fans for many years. We saw John in Ann Arbor a few times. Now we're in Georgia and have only found him performing here once! When will he come back?

Shirley Speirs - 10/11/00 19:24:22
My Email:SESpeirs@aol.com
Location: Chicagoland
Favorite John Gorka song: Down In The Milltown


Mike - 10/11/00 17:54:20
My Email:bowlesy@juno.com
Location: massachusetts usa
Favorite John Gorka song: every one!!

Great site!! The first time I heard him I went out that night and bought "Jack's Crows". I was still in high school and was supposed to go out with a bunch of friends. But, I stayed home and listened to that album 3 or 4 times straight...I was hooked...Thanks John...

Jennifer - 10/10/00 21:02:25
My Email:altoidfan@hotmail.com
Favorite John Gorka song: - depends on my mood

I tend not to be a groupie, per se, but John's music has really grown with me. Opera Performance was actually my major in college - and I love it, but I found deeper meaning in John's music. Wow. Thanks for this site - it's awesome. What a "real guy", I love it. Thanks again!

missbabs - 10/10/00 00:11:28
My Email:missbabs@calweb.com
Location: Sacramento, CA
Favorite John Gorka song: I Saw a Stranger With Your Hair

I just discovered John Gorka! I bought a used tape called "Legacy - a collection of new folk music" put out in 1989! I can't wait to hear more of his music! I'm going to go to the record store tomorrow and look!

matthew miller - 10/09/00 15:10:01
My Email:matt_miller20@hotmail.com
Location: West Memphis, AR
Favorite John Gorka song: This week-"Furniture"

Thank you for your wonderful site. I am a huge fan of John's music. In fact, he changed the way I listened to all music, and he was the primary factor in my becoming a writer. Although my music tends more toward the folk/country vein, his music touche me like no other.

daveten38 - 09/26/00 12:32:24
My Email:daveten38@aol.com
Location: New Jersey
Favorite John Gorka song: Soul Song

This music reaches into a place that no other song has ever gone.

Susan Finn - 09/19/00 00:05:14

My URL:http://www.oocities.org/thegypsylife
My Email:smithfinn@aol.com
Location: Lodi, Wisconsin
Favorite John Gorka song: Changes every day!

I just wanted to be the first to sign this guestbook and encourage all of you to write and tell us a little bit about yourself and your interest in John Gorka. Please send us entries for "Close Encounters of a Gorka Kind". This has been a labor of love fo both Bryn and I and we are glad you are enjoying it. We have a lot of material to add still so keep checking back for more.--Susan

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