Hepenstall Family
The Family originally came from the UK and 4 families of Hep's went to Ireland, location, Co. Wicklow.
(1) My Great Grandfather was James Hepenstall
(2) My Grandfather was Benjamin Hepenstall
      - - who had brothers named William, James, Percy, Norman.
*  Percy and Norman left Ireland and went to South Africa to work in the gold mines.
     Percy went back to the UK by ship for a visit and never returned to his family in South Africa
     (The theory is that he fell overboard) but nothing concrete on this.
*  My Grandfather Benjamin went to New Zealand,
(3) My Father was James Heppenstall  
      (& I have 2 brothers Brian and Ian, between them they have 2 sons Andrew and James)
So right now there are 4 male Hepenstall's in New Zealand keeping the 2 (L's) alive.
I married an American and am currently living in Florida.
I know that four generations back one our Hep's (being non-Catholic) married a Catholic and that's where someone was disinherited,4 generations back, thus the Dopping-Hepenstall's.
4 generations back, has Hepenstall spelt with 1 (L) whether is was a spelling mistake, or pronunciation, who knows, but I am sure there are ties somewhere.
Pam Landy (nee. Hepenstall)     kiwipam@aol.com
The Generations:
James Hepenstall
Benjmain Hepenstall & William &  James & Percy & Norman
James Hepenstall
Brian Hepenstall & Ian Hepenstall & Pam Landy (nee. Hepenstall)
Andrew & James Hepenstall
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