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For Sale

Kubicki Factor Autographed Bass Guitar

Joey's Factor Bass Guitar

Autographed Phillip Kubicki Factor Bass Guitar 1989 with trademark
drop D tuning feature (Slipshot) off-white.

It's one of the first Pre-Fender models hand made out of Kubicki's Santa Barbara California factory/workshop.
These extra-ordinary guitars are going for about $2700.00 to $4500.00
if ya wanna buy one new these days.
Back in "90" when this one was purchased it went for $1200.00 used !!

The serial number (1268 01 89) indicates it was one the first one made - #1268, in JANUARY of 1989-.

Must sell this priceless guitar to pay for Lawyers fees & Court costs
that mounted up into the Thousands of dollars, Hundreds of hours, wages lost missing work & all the Time spent fighting off predators trying to hi-jack our little ol' band !!
We stood up for what was right, & We put up a good Fight !
No doubt about it, The High Noon Band Lives on & on....
Now I really know we've got "NINE LIVES" !!

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Factor Bass Factor Bass Factor Bass


Tracy Byrd, David Kersh, Members of "Diamond Rio" Marty Roe, Dana Williams & Jimmy Olander, Martina McBride "The Kinleys" Heather & Jennifer, Collin Raye, Toby Keith, Andy Griggs, Joey Campo (lol), Terri Clark, Blake Shelton & Mila Mason.

Phillip Kubicki Guitars, Santa Monica, California Website Click Here

Joey's Kubicki Factor Bass

Pictures of Shining "Signing" Stars Autographing Bass from top to bottom are:

Tracy Byrd Signing Guitar

Tracy Byrd

Toby Keith Signing Guitar

Toby Keith

Heather & Jennifer Kinley Signing Guitar

The Kinleys


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