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Thanks to Ken Beaumont who tracked down John Shaw for AIRCHECK.

Profile: John Shaw: John is a broadcasting legend in the East Midlands, and some would say a figure of the same cult standing and vast array of musical appreciation as the late John Peel.  Amongst occupations of the great man, he was once a postman, an assistant in a Travel company, and he found more direct radio connections whilst working in a Public Address, DISCO and Party Lighting shop.  

Like many others, John got the radio bug at an early age and has since clocked up over 25 years in the biz, having started officially in 1979.  He is renowned for digging deep into the music world for obscurities.  John regularly appeared on Radio Trent in both Nottingham and Derby, presenting shows including the Arts Programme called 'Alternatives', 'Here Be Dragons' and the East Midlands' original radio talk show -  Radio Trent Talkback' where listeners were encouraged to call the now immortal number of 0602 344 301 to take part..

John loves both the cinema and theatre, the rail industry, and the peace and tranquility of the English Countryside.  When out and about, even holidaying in the UK, he uses knowledge taken from books on geography and geology, and the buildings and architecture spread across the land, often photographing places of note.  His favourite record is The Damned's 1979 No.35 hit: 'Smash It Up' but the first record he ever bought was callled 'Fantasia Lindum' by Amazing Blondel.  The great outdoors also contains another of John's passions - the sport of gentlemen - cricket - John works as a groundsman on a local pitch.  

Two other little known facts about John Shaw - he doesn't have a TV, but still rates 'Local Hero' as his favourite film.

Until his latest return to commercial radio, John spent many years in the radio wilderness before finally popping up once more on BBC Radio Derby, and then BBC Radio Nottingham, in both presenter and reporter roles.  However, again, John disappeared off the radar once more until some old friends came 'knocking on his door'

Whereabouts: With the many connections with the Radio Trent of old being behind the face of the station, John is now presenting 'Here Be John Shaw' on Sunday nights from 10:00pm-1:00am on the 2nd East Midlands regional radio station SAGA 106.6FM (Derby 101.4).  His show title harks back to the show he used to present on Radio Trent at a similar time of a Sunday evening - 'Here Be Dragons' - the show is an eclectic mix that doesn't reflect the format of the station, but is entertaining nevertheless.  Listen in, in case he gets taken away!

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