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November 27 Wednesday
Added more detail to the site with some help. Stayed up till 3.20a.m deciding on the colours and added an extra site map at the side
Whew! had my grad nite todae . Food was not too bad , but for $60 ..... It sure wuz easy for the chefs at mandrin cooking up items like chicken rice and spaggeti.....
I Expected better lolx ....!
November 27 Wednesday
3.00 a.m
2.30 a.m
Well i updated the site with more pix. Animated gifs and all . Will be in China from 21st-29th December. Wish ya'll a Merry Christmas and stay tuned for ur gifts from China lolx. Will add pix of China trip when i get back. Cya.....
December 18 Wednesday
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December 30 Wednesday
Well things aren't goin too well for me . Juz got home from China and boy are the people so rude there. Added a Guestbook now so u guys can sign it . As soon as the pix of me Cheena trip is out i'll update it here aiight.Doin the other pages now. Cya guyz
April 16 Wednesday
Crap.Itz been a long time since i updated this site and i juz broke my new element deck yesterday. 3 months and itz gone. Gotta save up again man. Well .....Neway shit happens. I updated quite a few things so look around for da changes.