Did you know that the United States of America held a blockade on Iraq for nearly 10 years, which in result killed over 1,500,00 Iraqis; 2/3 of which were under the age of 5? They starved to death or died of malnourishment.

Did you know there is no 'War On Drugs'?  The goverment simply used this title to conver up their funding of central and south American goverments (who in fact work very closely with the drug trafficers to sustain their power  and wealth).  The US government paid to arm these governments to protect beurocrat's and their campain contributors investments in the area.

Did you know that an unnamed source in the Department of Defence said "They are dead because we wanted them dead." when questioned about the bombing of peaceful, residential areas in Afghanistan which killed many completly innocent civilians?

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Listen to yourself.

Action must not be a reaction, but must be a creation.

The future will only contain what we put into it now.

Don't beg for the right to live - take it.

It is thought by many that you need to be normal to fit in. However, is it really normal to fit in?  Isn't one acting odd when altering their true selves in order to become the mislead who believe they are normal.  It is time for the revolution.  Not a revolution of arms, but a revolution of thought.  Break out of the shackles placed on you by society, for the keys are within reach.  Please, for the sake of others, discover yourself.  Find who you are, not what you are.