Asher Sucks!!
    Asher is nothing without mark!!! Nothing!!

After the band's practice and anal sex session the question still hasnt been asnwered if joe has a penis or if it is just a strap-on dildo. We have determined, however, that Tyler maintains those sexy abs by fucking Dan. I don't know how joe finds time to run cross country and practice guitar in between the hardcore jacci bell fucking and Peter's dad and Phyllis.

  Joe's inchworm is to the right.  He gets to practice early so he can warm up his skin flute.  It takes awhile to tune the pecker.
Just a heads up-
          don't let Dan near
your penis. Thats why Peter needs a strap on now.
After his penis surgery peter was very eager to jump back in bed and fuck the guyz.  Although made of plastic and  squeaky when going up his butt, Joe gives it 2 thumbs up. ;)
Peter's Porn