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The Inventory nr.10!, our host for the e-zine!
You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read the Inventory.
04.12.03 - I decided to keep this site running, since it would be ok for people to have a place to read about what we're doing. First of all, go and download the nr.10 issue if you haven't already done it, it's a great issue!
In that one, there will also be an announcement, because now, some of the Inventory crew has plans to make an adventure game. Keep reading the magazine for updates on that. The Inventory crew has grown, and we've got new blood. Carla Melloni, Al Lowe, Justin Peeples and Mark Lovegrove are now authors in the magazine. Other news is that the magazine are now being translated into these languages: Polish, Korean, Spanish, French, Italian and German(and soon Russian). To the right is a list over the web pages where you can find these issues. Thanks people, and we'll be back. Yngvil.
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The Inventory nr.10, for November 2003.
Read more on, about the contents of the magazine, and it's also available for download there.
Welcome to the Nordic Adventure Guild. Inside here you can find information about our monthly issue of The Inventory, an e-zine full of adventure games.

We hope that you enjoy reading the Inventory.Believe us when we say that this e-zine... is just the beginning. If you have any suggestions or if you want to become a member of NAG then just send us an e-mail.

You must download the e-zine from

Thanks a lot for the positive response we've gotten!

Dimitris Manos - Yngvil Runde

e-mail address:

Yngvil's adress:

How many pages does The Inventory include?

From 30 to 40 pages usually.

What's an e-zine?
An e-zine is a electronical magazine,with interviews,articles,reviews and other.
You're going to need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read it,it's in A4 pages.

How much size will it take?

The Inventory will usually be 5 to 6 MB big.

What do I need to read The Inventory?
You will need to download acrobat reader because it is a PDF file and Winzip because you need to unzip it.

Will there be any action/action-adventure/rpg/strategy games in it?
No. Well....maybe I will leave a very very small window for RPGs in the very distant future but I still find it very very unlikely.

So what will The Inventory include?
100% pure old good and beautiful adventure experience. From the first page till the last all you are going to read about is adventures, adventures and adventures. The Inventory will include every month previews of upcoming games, interviews and detailed reviews, a lot of screenshots, information on where to buy your games (especially inside the Nordic Region) and maybe even more...

What do I have to do to become a member of the Nordic Adventure Guild?
Just send a mail either to me or to Yngvil.

Do I have to pay anything?
No membership is of course for free

Am I obliged to do anything if I join?

No if you don't feel like doing anything you can just sit, relax and only receive our newsletters. On the other hand if you feel like doing something mor
e you are more than welcome to tell us your ideas or to contribute in any way imaginable.

Is The Inventory going to be published every month?

This will depend by the response we are going to have in the club and by the comments we are going to take by our readers. But I am definitely making an issue for next month and I have a good feeling about this.

Is this going to be the official site of NAG in the future also?

No this is just temporary until we make a better one

Do you think I have way too much spare time since I am still reading this?

Ok....I'm leaving then.
You should do that but make sure to go to Just Adventure ( and download the latest issue of The Inventory. As we said before....this is just the beginning...
Merry X-Mas everyone!
We wish you all a merry X-Mas...!
Dimitris and Yngvil
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