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Peter Gray's Mr Men info Happy 35th!!!!

Feb 21st 2008
Get ready (NEXT MONDAY MORN) to see the Mr Men show Channel 5 on Monday-Friday morning 7:30 on Milkshake. The advert for this on Five was great:) it was done in the style of the Arthur Lowe 70's series as the Mr Men walk on and mess around with the Mr Tickle tickling it...Mr Strong lifting it...
soon we will be able to see how good it is...lets hope...

Feb 12th 2008

Mr Rude is in the headlines in the new Five Mr Men show the character will have a French accent...the French don't like this..Whoops! as Mr Clumsy would say. Its funny as the new Mr Men show looked like it was going to be very political correct show already.
Also shows how even silly thing like this can get this culturally times in a stir...How silly!

Out now to add to your glitter Mr Men books..20th Nov

3rd Oct 2007
New Mr Men like Mr Persnickety and Miss Calamity are in a new animation and probably will come out in a book as well...go to

Also some of the Mr Men and Little Miss have been changed which is a bit silly....oh well!
...Mr Lazy now looks like a guy from the 70's New York....Mr Strong is a triangle shape... Mr Nosey is very odd with a tie and small nose unless it grows in the animation. This animation will be shown on Five Jan 2008. 5th October 2006.....the books will most likely will also be updated as a guess...the original will always be the best...
see backgrounds and where the new shape Mr Men live...nice to see background info on a animation a interesting blog
Mr Lazy's new home a camper van!
The voices are great fun for the characters...look forward to the animation looks fun.. shame they meddled with the original Mr Men and Little Miss...prefer a square trilby hatted Mr Strong

The Mr Men and Little Miss books have incorporated a "guest star" for the first time. One thousand copies of Little Miss Stella, based on designer Stella McCartney, are being used as invitations to a fashion show. From

2 new glitter books are out now by Adam Hargreaves....Mr Jelly and the pirates and Little miss Splendid.

See inside the Mr Men cook book...thanks to Evelyn. Its interesting that the inside pictures of how to cook is drawn by someone else in a different style...with Rogers Mr Men above. Heres the email I recieved with the pictures inside.
Hello I Looking through books at a charity shop for my young son when I can across an old copy of The Mr.Men Cookbook. Is this a rare copy I think it was printed in 1979. Is this of any interest to you? and do you have any information on this? Before I let my 3 year old son to get his hands on it. Regards Evelyn

Heres a friend from Australia...Little Miss Jealous..same competiton as the one that created Mr Cheeky here in the UK....

April 4th 2006.......Happy 35th Birthday to the Mr the BBC report.....and go to the London Animation art gallery at 13-14 Great Castle Street near Regent Street...I'm going to go...:)

Jan 2006
Got a great book from Kent, Albert the Alphabetical elephant, Count worm and Grandfather clock! All in one book from 1977

Albert is similar to count has a lovely humour when Albert gets to the letter x he can't think of anything! Also Z is when he is asleep:) with a smile! Also it is strange when his trunk splits to make a dot for an i!! very strange...

Count worm needs a friend to help him do a 10:)...I love the drawings of house, countryside and fence! Get this book now on ebay..or search for ages like me in book shops!:)

Check out this new fun website
NEW for April 18th 2004-

Mr Men food with Mr Snow Chocolate Snowballs Yummy sweets!! AS REQUESTED!

Mr Grandfather clock...very strange but good strange Mr Man!
NEW Pictures added thanks Mike! Oct 7th 2003
Meet Mr Nobody...Thank you Mike for the pictures!

Mr Nobody 29th Sept 2003

Mr Messy changes his ways! ...Sent in by Louise (thank you) 17th Sept 2003

Mr Men fan page!
Showing the poster I gave Adam Hargreaves drawn by me and more!!
Started 13th Aug 2003.........J.Murphy 22nd Sept 2003! ADDED!

Mr Men 30 years 1971-2001
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Mr Men books all over the world French and American Mr Men found here!

New french little Miss and Mr Men!

John Mouse by Roger Hargreaves! New pictures added from Rory 17th Sept 2003

Things by Roger Hargreaves!

Mr Men rare books even I don't have all of these! Mr Nobody..Grandfather clock Mr Man!!!

Mr Men rare books 2.... I wish I had these! Things by Roger Hargreaves.Once upon a worm!

Mr Men rare books 3! I will keep looking for these! the cover is not enough! Mr Men warning about the dangers of Railway added!

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Mr Men Games and collectables! Shopping spree game, Mr Mischiefs game of cheat..

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