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The following files require Microsoft 3D Movie Maker to run...and since they were created by The Association of Insanity, watch at your own risk...Evil!!  EEEEVVIIILL!!! Uhm...oh need WinZip to open these archives, too...hahaha...haha...ha...*runs off*

The Descent Into Insanity

This was my very firstest movie. The animation kinda sucked, but it still employs that good ol' A.O.I. humor that I know you do so love! I got alot of ideas from Dragonfly Peace and The Hyper Nazi on this one!! Recieved 3.5 fish at The Deadly Fish Tank (R.I.P.)

The Compendium of Jollified Fools

This was my second movie...The Hyper Nazi gave me ideas for the last scene and some of the credits, but that's about ALL he did... I think the animation on it was alot better than my first movie, but that probably goes without saying...Recieved 3.5 fish at Movie Buzz (R.I.P. X_x;).

Karl's Insanity

This insanity was made by our very own High Priestess of Insanity, Karl. It' interesting movie, to say the least. I'll be the first to admit that it IS funny, but as the opening says, it is "a naughty, naughty movie." So, don't download it if you don't like swearing/strange, strange perversion, or if you're like...uhm...a little kid or something...

Movie of Satan

This is a wonderous-type movie that was conceptualized by your friend and mine, The Hyper Nazi, and animated by ME! It's spiferific insanity, 'cept for one scene that is kinda boring for the first few minutes... *sticks his tongue out at H.N.* Otherwise, WATCH IT, MORTAL! >^_^<

More to be uploaded at a later point.

Microsoft 3D Movie Maker is property of Microsoft. I make no claim to anything involved with this program 'cept these movies that were made by ME AND MY FRIENDS!! (yes, I'm letting the excitement spoil my grammar :-P)

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