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Welcome to the Jolly Trips cozy little home on the internet.

·May 28 @ The Warehouse - Tyler, Tx
·July 9 @ The Garage - Plano, Tx
·July 30 @ The Living Room - Tyler, Tx - w/Wellwisher and Left Of Boredom


6/21/04 – It's time again for yet another asinine update. All of our songs that were captured want to be friends with you forever. They could no longer stand the oppression of us holding them for ransom on CDs so they revolved and found solace in the Canada of our website (the media section). There they patiently await the joy of your company. A dramatic rendition of the Cowbell Song at the Warehouse featuring Phillip and Zimbabwe can be obtained here but you’ll have to download DiVX to watch it if you don’t have it already. Our next outing is July 9 to the Garage in Plano.

5/11/04- The show on the 21st has been rescheduled to the 28th since Eisley and PilotDrift are playing at Brewtones that same night. So we’ll see you all on the 28th.

5/5/04 - More dates have been added. Be sure to come out to our show on the 21st at the Warehouse. This is technically a Living Room show but is being held at the Warehouse. It's going to be an idyllic extravaganza of magical proportions like that of which one might behold on the Disney Channel. I guess it's going to be our CD release party. We'll use any excuse to have a party. There will be some special guest, tons of surprises, chaos (who we recently befriended), and the giving away of t-shirts and things. It’s going to be groovier than a 70s singin’ and dancin’ variety hour.

In regards to the last show we played at the Warehouse, thanks to all who came out. Chaos descended upon us that night. It reached down a touched us with its crooked, boney finger. Although apprehensive at first we soon embraced it with open arms because its soft touch comforted us. At the end of the evening our blood spattered, half broken instruments laid in a heap covered with empty juice boxes and Dr. Pepper cans. It was all okay though because we made this great new friend named chaos. She likes to be called Kay for short though. Yes, it is somehow appropriate that chaos turns out to be a feisty, entertaining, albeit overly moody woman. But don’t get too upset ladies because death is actually a bitter gentleman.

4/19/04 - So we drove to Arlington last night with full intentions of playing a concert. Then we wandered into Dream World Music Complex. We were like three PETA advocates walking into an African game hunter's trophy room full of stuffed and mounted animals carcasses. The lions surrounded us as transparent, slimy drool leaked from their seething snouts. They were ready to pounce at any sign of fear on our part, even though they were dead and nailed to the proverbial wall. But our bad trip didn’t end there. Our fragile reality started to implode on itself when we found out ABC was taping a segment at Dream World for a reality show called Switched. I had in fact seen this show on many occasions and wasn’t about to allow my fragile reality to collide with the one I viewed on TV. Collin and Casey were feeling similar paranoia about this highly combustible situation. One false move and we could have been rendered listless victims of a violent tear in our own space time conium (like if Marty Mcfly would have encountered his future self in Back to the Future 2). But no, we fled quickly as we could, leaving the bad karma shrouded in a haze of cigarette smoke far behind us.

A gracious thanks goes out to all those who voted for us in the radio contest. We were as touched by those of you who supported us as Lenin must have been when the Bolshevik faction took Russia. But sadly, since we’re not communist we did not win. Better dead than red. As a thank you to all those who voted for us we’re playing a free show at the The Warehouse. Admission is free, they should have free pizza, and it starts at 7. If you need directions you can find them on the Warehouse’s site. Even if you didn’t vote for us, please come out, you can spit on us if you like, we’ve been needing a shower.

4/12/04 - In the tradition of just about every local band we have joined our predecessors and opponents in the prestigious race for Kiss 107.3 radio star. If you have an extra minute go here and vote for us and while your at it call 903.939.1107 or toll free 1.866.212.1107 and request Until I Die. Help feed our already ravenous egos....They are so hungry that they have revolted and turned to cannibalism, consuming our flesh from the inside. Voting ends on Wednesday at midnight so please act quickly before it is too late!!!!

4/6/04 - Some new shows have been posted. We will be playing at Dream World Music Complex in Arlington April 17. It's 8 dollars at the door. Doors open at 7:30, show starts at 8:00. If you can, please come out, how we'd love to see some of your lovely familar faces. Then in May we'll most likely return to familar places. Nothing has really been confirmed yet but The Living Room in Tyler might be hosting our official EP realese party. More details to come on that soon.

3/18/04 - Good news! Our EP is done and the world didn’t end in a brilliant blaze of harmonious, nuclear glory (too bad…). We're calling the EP "Feel the Promise (Of A Warm Day)". Two of the tracks off this new EP have rejoined old friends in the Media section. Go join in on the merriment and download them.

2/17/04 - The mp3s section has been changed to media so the videos and some shy pictures could be invited to join the party. Yes, we took some promotional pictures the other day that just happened to be during the now infamous blizzard of 04. So you can check those out if you are righteous enough to look upon the angelic white flame of our pure and sinless faces. Otherwise, you will be painfully reduced to a steaming heap of kiwi/strawberry Jell-O that will be repeatedly and unmercifully desecrated by Bill Cosby’s finger. Eventually you will be condemned to the fiery depths of hell where the vindictive dronings of Celine Dion and Yoni (a true match made in hell) will make an unstoppable fountain of blood gush from your mutilated ear drums while a completely nude and intoxicated Paulie Shore performs interpretive dance.
Recording is going very slowly. We’ve been in “the studio” (my living room) for almost two and a half weeks now. Where does the time go? The estimated date of completion is slowly becoming contingent on armageddon. No shows will be played until then, unless it is a retirement home. We have great respect for our elders and can sympathize with their saddening plight and you should too.

2/4/04 - Sorry it has taken so long to update. We'd like to thank all the kind people who came and saw us at Up A Creek Co.. We had a very jolly time (pardon the bad pun). Lately we've been working on an, as of yet untitled, EP that should be done some time in the not so distant future. We haven't exactly decided on which tracks will be included but there are quite a few up for contention. We'll have some more shows pretty soon so keep checking back. Please don’t be a stranger to our lonely website that lies bound and gagged in the cold closet of the internet. Give it the warmth of entertaining a visitor.

1/20/04 - You are cordially invited to come and witness us perform this Saturday, Jan. 24, at Up A Creek Coffee Co. in Whitehouse. There is no cover but there is a one drink minimum I think. It is located off 110 on Hwy. 346. You can view a map on the flyer here. Revelry begins at 7:30. Spread the word.
And in other things that might preoccupy a fleeting amount of your time; Tony’s Craft Corner has finally been updated with some links and videos. You can find videos from the Upper Room and Brewtones (including the Cowbell Song) with various links to further propaganda.

12/13/03 - The Brewtones (Vineyard Church) show was over and above everything we'd hoped for. Thanks to all who came out to see us and the other bands. To all those who bought merchandise, we give you a hearty thanks as well. As many of you may have noticed, Monkey did not make it to the stage last night. He was stuck in a paper bag near our merchandise table. Sadly he didn't get to meet you, but he will eventually. Just continue to check us out, and someday you'll have the pleasure of shaking his soft, monkey hand. Anyways, everyone have a great December and continue to check our site for any upcoming gigs.

12/06/03 - The journey to the Upper Room was a grueling one. So grueling that's it's taken me a week to sufficiently recover (mentally and physically) to talk in detail of the affair. Actually, I lied, I’m in denial and still very emotionally disturbed from the experience. I don’t wanna talk about it…..I’ll just leave you with a video of Fancy Me just in case you failed to witness one of our lower moments in person last weekend (You can download the DiVX codec to play it here if you don't already have it). But redemption is near. The show at Brewtones is steadily approaching at a speed slower than Christmas which in retrospect is actually pretty fast. This occasion will transpire the evening of Friday December 12 which is this Friday. The fee is only five dollars and it goes to the fair cause of a missions trip to Mexico. The festivities begin at 8. Please come and dance to our mournful little tunes. Oh what a joyous moment it would be for us if you did.

11/26/03 - This Saturday at the Upper Room in Farmerville, TX we will be playing in a concert attempting to feature a record breaking 108 bands. Yes, that’s right, 108. They have lofty aspirations but we admire that since our mentor Monkey also has made ambitious goals for himself which are actually just malevolent intentions to one day take the world by use of subliminal messages and his mesmerizing lovability. Although we like to think he just helps us (writes all our songs and gives us his invaluable blessing) because he loves us, we know in the depths of our subconscious that he is just using us to further his malicious campaign…at least…. that’s what I think as I sink more and more into my own paranoid delusions. Anyway, I’m getting off track, starting at noon; it will go on until midnight with bands playing on three different stages (a hard or “mosh” stage, a not hard but not soft stage, and then a mellow/acoustic soft stage) simultaneously. Our slot will be earlier so make sure to be their around 12 noon. It will cost 5 dollars at the door.

11/16/03 - The benefit show for Azleway went really well. Speaking on behalf of Monkey and the rest of the band we’d like to thank everyone who came out. We all had a good time and we hope everyone else did as well.

11/12/03 - We will be playing a benefit concert for Azleway at the Living Room this Friday. Other bands will be there, and it should be a good time. The show starts at 8, and it's $5 at the door. Come have fun, listen to the music, and meet Monkey.

11/04/03 - Here is the final line up for Brewtones which shouldn't change (unless someone dies).

The Jolly Trips
The Squids

I suppose I shouldn’t have spoken so soon about Dead End Drive Way but I couldn’t contain myself (as usual).

11/01/03 - I once said (in my gloomy cynical bitterness) that if there is any news, it is bad news, but once again I’m forced by giant cucumbers to eat my words with processed cheese and pickles. We are scheduled to play Brewtones on December 12. I’m not sure who all is playing with us but I know that Dead End Drive Way is for sure playing. We had the pleasure of hanging out with them today and they all seem like friendly young men. They let us hear their demo and it sounds very promising (even though it wasn’t mixed or anything yet). So we are all excited to see them live. Other bands like, Lukas Hollow and The Innuendo were mentioned to me but I don’t think they have officially signed on yet. With any luck, we’ll soon have some more opportunities to publicly fling our primitive noises about, so check back here frequently because that makes Monkey happy.

10/28/03 - As it turns out we will not be playing Starbucks November 7. Evidently some grotesquely loud band played there recently and the cops showed up. Now the land lord will not allow bands to play at all. We’re currently booking so hopefully we’ll have another show soon.

10/21/03 - We're planning on playing a show at Starbucks in Tyler on November 7th so come out, have some coffee, and meet Monkey (he's been feeling lonely latly). We'll probably be playing a couple of new songs as well.