The K-9 Sarcophagus.
A quality made internment item for your precious pet at a very reasonable price
About the craftsman:
Dave has been working in the animal industry for nearly 35 years, and his hobby has been building fine furniture. The time came when "Fluffy" died and he had to find the right casket to bury her in. In his search he found that interment items for pets were way to over priced for what you received. The caskets for Fluffy's size ranged from $600 to $1500 depending on the quality of the materials used in assembly..

Dave handmade Fluffy's casket out of fine oak and lined it with a beautiful padded material.  Her casket started Dave down the road of building beautiful caskets, made out of fine wood, and assembled for a very reasonable price.

"The K-9 Sarcophagus" was started to have a quality casket or urn available to the parents of a passing pet. The pain of loosing a loved one is bad enough without the pain of being over priced at this sorrowed time.

Below are pictures of the caskets and urns available is several sizes. Custom sizes can also be built. They come in several wood species and can be stained and varnished in almost any shade. All products are water tight after being sealed, sturdy, and will last for eternity. A picture of your pet is usually attached to the urns making it a complete monument to its rememberance
The Small casket holds small animals such as: cats, miniature poodles, Maltese, Schitzu, Lassa's. Animals weighing 5# to 15# can use this unit.
Size approx: W 9" X L 17" X D 5"
Price starts at $100 US
The mid-sized casket holds animals such as: Cockers, Dashounds, Beagle, Poodles. Animals weighing 15# to 30# can use this unit.
Size approx: W 14" X L 25" X D 10"
Starting Price at $140.00 US
Urns are the only way to keep your pet still amoungst the family.
The small urn will hold 6# of ashes. Starting price is $25.00 US
The larger urn will hold 12# of ashes. Starting price is $35.00 US
All Items are hand made with using the finest lumber. From the base price you can determine how many extra's you want to add.
This will include brass handles, pillows, etc (Talk to us!).

Please contact Dave by email and discuss your sorrow and need.  He will craft that special internment item for you with your special wishes. Unit selling price plus shipping is the only cost. Urns ship at a cost of around $10 to $15, Caskets ship at around $25 to $40.

Email us and we'll discuss your needs, just click on the link below.