If there was any question as to what the problem(s) were, you don't need to be a doctor to realize that this is an excessive amount of drugs to be taken in such a short period of time, let alone to take combinations of, and switch and alternate between many of these. No doubt it would put a person's mental and emotional state into question. THEREFORE, ONE MUST QUESTION THE TRUTHFULNESS AND/OR ACCURACY OF THE STORIES TOLD DURING SUCH A PERIOD. Investigate for yourself the nature of each of these drugs, to learn their psychological, mental, and emotional altering effects, and then decide for yourself. Fluoxetine AKA PROZAC ( is one of the most commonly known anti-depressant drugs, with many of its side effects commonly heard in the news effecting adults, children, celebrities, etc. Many such episodes result in murderous rampages and/or suicides, and/or attempted suicide. Take notice how many of these same drugs are heard in the news linked to such events, and again, decide for yourself if you believe this was a factor. Unfortunately, the truth and facts of these drugs were unknown until the very end, by which time things were too late, and had escalated to a point of non-communication, and family protection. It is a shame that the honesty of this condition and these drugs were never told, and kept secret, and therefore created a lack of understanding when problems arose. If these drugs are strong enough to compel a person to attempt suicide, and put them in such a frame of mind to consider it... you MUST question, how else could it have effected their mind on how they viewed certain events, what their perception of the truth was. Not to say that a person would intentionally be dishonest, but that it would distort their feelings, their thinking, and their vision of reality. Look at the facts: what these drugs are, and their side effects, then compare the one-sided "stories" not proven with facts, and ask: IS IT POSSIBLE the stories might have been overly-exageraged, distorted, or out-right NOT-TRUE? Look at the facts, look at the drugs, and ask yourself, IS IT POSSIBLE? When you come to that conclusion, you'll say what a shame to have lost everything on the basis of mis-truths, a lack of communication, family over-intervention and protection, and an unfortunate unwillingness to understand, remedy, and resolve, rather than the easy way out, which is to run and hide. MORE PROOF (Click Here)
   PROZAC (click here)
Strong enough to alter people to consider suicide. How else could it effect one's mind, their version of events?

Take note of the dates of the Fluoxetine (PROZAC),
prior to the date of the attempted suicide on the following pages:

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Note how the
Baker Act required to be put in the Observation Unit.

It was easier to point the finger at others and blame them to be the problem, rather than to reveal these secrets, and work out the real issues.

May God eventually help them with their problems, and maybe one day be able to
fix the wrongs done against those who were blamed.