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A while ago, an acquaintance asked me to bring him up to speed on The Avengers, a comic he used to collect but had since dropped. He wanted to know what he'd missed. What you see below is what I wrote to him in an email one insomniac night. Since then I've updated it as my collection grows. I hope you enjoy it, and despite what I say about the comics, the only way to know for sure is to try them yourself.

I have included cover scans of the original comics where I have them. Where I do not have the original comic, I have used scans of the UK Avengers United covers, and failing that, the generic Avengers logo.

This overview currently covers volume three of the Avengers comic, which will most likely take up the original numbering with issue #85/500, in a year or so. There are some gaps in the early issues, but I will fill them when I can.

Most of the spin-offs and crossovers are not covered. I will include the spin-offs if (a) I have the comic, (b) I can easily fit it into the running order of the main title, and (c) if the spin-off directly affects the main title in some way. I am even more exacting as regards crossovers, and do not include them as a rule. I may expand this page in the future in order to include spin-offs and crossovers, but I do not have the time or resources at the moment. Generally, one issue specials like The Ultron Imperative and the Annuals are included.

In order to break this up a bit so that it doesn't take about three days to load up, I've split the overview into two sections: Kurt Busiek Avengers and post-Kurt Busiek Avengers. Kurt Busiek wrote the title (apart from a few issues) from the launch of the third volume to issue #56. I would split the page at issue #50, but that's part way through Busiek's final storyline. Geoff Johns came on board with issue #57, but will soon be replaced by Chuck Austen. I will create a third division at a suitable juncture, probably around issue #85/500.

Last updated: 2004/02/26

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