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About My Website:

Hello, welcome to My Website. I started this website when I was 11, and it's grown since. I know that My Website isn't a great name. I would have named it Web Central, but the name was taken.
I couldn't have made this website alone, I needed a lot of help from other websites to do it. I encourage you to click here and go see them. You won't be disapointed. This website contains many things such as games, stories, and riddles. If you're even remotely interested, then check them out.

Why I Made My Website

When I was 11, I needed a hobby. I liked the computer, so I decided to make a webpage. It had to be an amazing webpage, one that would astound people. This was the product. I ultimately made this webpage to share whatever I know with you, but I also made it to have fun. Click on the links and see if you like it.


I know that I've been gone for a while. Well, I'm back. Thanks to my classmates for visiting this site and making me realize that it was still here. I've got the Prologue of my book up and I'm planning to add a new chapter every week. Other than that, I'll be doing some much needed maintenance and seeing what needs to be done while adding things at the same time. Keep checking back!

Oh, and if you want to use the stuff on my website without permission, let's just say this... Don't...