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                                                                 The late Carla Neff Gordan
Story Synopsis
     Arthur narrates this story with awareness from beyond our world as he tells us about his life at Camelot. After being born into the earth, he is immediately faced with many challenges. Taken from his mother just a few years after his birth, he seemingly begins his life as an orphan, and must endure a troubled childhood that will leave him with a humble heart. It is then that the legendary sword may come to him, leaving his destiny laying in powers far beyond himself.
      Along the way, he finds many people to help him bring his dream of Camelot into the earth and his love brings peace to a land that had known only of war. In time, through his spiritual seeking, Arthur’s vision lifts beyond this world as he transcends our dimension, while finding freedom from our limitation. He is then able to directly interact with ones from the spirit world when seeking higher guidance to lead him in his world. From Stonehenge’s creation to the challenges of Merlin, Camelot exists in a magical world full of inspiration.
      But one by one, Arthur’s enemies take his dearest friends from him, leaving his heart injured in a way that he is unable to hope for the future. He is then lured into darkness, and in a desperate state of being, loses his life.
      Given another opportunity, Arthur next finds himself reborn into our world today, although still injured from his fall at Camelot. As a small child, he finds his beliefs to be unacceptable by our world and is traumatized by its harsh rejection of uniqueness. And as his world demands that he conform in ways that do not inspire him, he becomes emotionally injured and his soul further splintered. All of his memories from Camelot are then lost and he is left with years of suffering ahead. He must now spend his life seeking truth and searching for his past—the memory of Camelot that is destined to one-day return.
      Many people help him along the way and he touches upon many different spiritual belief systems where he finds the knowledge to purify his body, releasing the fear that once took his power from him. Taking us on a journey of self-redemption and healing, he sifts through his memories of Camelot as they return, and when he is finally able to release his past and forgive himself and his enemies for their mistakes, he is freed from his hopeless despair.
      He can then stop running and begin to look inside of himself. There, he is blessed with the knowledge of who he is and the return of his power—and with it—a vision for the future.
Opening Excerpt

      “How do we know he will come?” Vortigern asked, his breathing heavily labored. As if waiting for a sign—permission that his time in the earth was now complete—his weakened body held onto life.
      Merlin took a seat near the fire, his eyes still adjusting to the dark chamber and clearly seeing Vortigern’s resistance in leaving our world, “He will come.”
      “I have no time for your games,” the King demanded, the frustration straining his body as his wheezing cough revealed the depth of his illness.
      “He will come. Would your God leave you with no king to rule your lands?”
      Resting his head deeply into his pillow, Vortigern tried to find comfort, “He will be cursed if he seeks your counsel.”
      “Have I not often helped you?”
      “Cursed,” Vortigern replied.
      Amused, Merlin quietly replied, “You needn’t worry about our future now.”
      Wrestling the aches of fever, his voice creaked just above a whisper, “It is no matter, this body, very soon, will no longer allow my influence here.”
      “You have done your job,” Merlin consoled.
      “And I pray that he may do his,” he whispered.
       Looking back to the King, “He has a greater interest in this world than you know.”
      Vortigern, his consciousness already beginning to fade, waited for Merlin to continue.
      “He has brought peace to our lands during many ages.”
Closing his eyes, Merlin leaned backward.

      Silently, Vortigern died.

                               *            *            *

      In the highest dimensions of the spirit world, it began—a powerful dream born to instill into the earth’s consciousness, the belief in love and truth. Descending from the highest realms, it reached the world with our greatest aspirations. We never doubted what effect it would have on the planet. God’s hope was with us.
      With the millennium approaching, a cycle of darkness had been completed. Light was flooding the earth and many powerful beings had incarnated to be a part of the God-energy arising here. Such an event would require many souls that could see a higher vision and hold a higher vibration than Briton had ever before known. And with the help of many great ones, we would aspire to live truths that had been long forgotten from this world. It was once again time for the people of Europe to live a great, great dream.

      Still in the spirit world, and many years before my birth, I would often descend into the lower dimensions and closer to earth, where the separation from God becomes more apparent. After a being is born into this world, the conscious loss of God’s love often creates great conflict as many resist their newfound individuality. Where this dream was created, love was communication. But in this lower realm, a place where God can be forgotten, it would be necessary to speak words. And it would be here, while visiting Merlin in a dream, that I would speak to him about this life to come.

      “Hello, Merlin,” I told him, upon entering his dimension.
      “Hello, David,” he answered, affectionately calling me by a name from my past.
      A deep blue firelight, refracting through a clear crystal fireplace washed the walls and ceiling of his home. Merlin stood robed in cascading layers of purple and blue.
      “We have a powerful life ahead,” I told him.
      “I’ve seen the visions,” he replied. “I shall hope you to be more reasonable.”
      “Your place, as limited as you might believe it to be, is very important.”
      “And your place, as powerful as you might believe it to be, is often in need,” he said, reminding me of failures in the earth.
      “Your day will come,” I said.
      His eyes cleverly shifting to the side, “And what about Bathsheba?”
      “Merlin, you always do your job,” I assured him.
      “And I’ll do it again—be your stepping stone to freedom in the earth,” he complained.
      “And you do not wish this?”
      “My job is to be of greater influence,” he insisted.
      “You do not have to have all of the answers to be of value. Can you find no peace?” I asked.
      "None,” he insisted.
      With my body of light beginning to shift dimensions, “I must go.”
      “Don’t think I will allow you to do as you please,” he countered.
      “I would expect no less,” I said, leaving his dimension.   
About the Author
    Although raised in the city, John Stone was introduced to the outdoors as a young child and has often enjoyed spending creative time, walking amongst the life-giving trees of the forest. It is there where he found the inspiration for the creation of this book and after living many “incarnations,” first as a salesman and horse trainer, he finally settled into a life as a carpenter. Citing two of his greatest life influences as a one-year apprenticeship to a female Shaman and an eleven-year study with spiritualist/medium, the late Carla Neff Gordan, he spends his spare time practicing fire spinning, tribal dance and teaching classes in lucid dreaming.
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