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Welcome to the Psycho Circus

Here you'll find 100+ Kiss photos for the Psycho Circus album. There's also midi and lyrics available. You'll find some cool computer applets I put together inspired by the awsome Psycho Circus video. Play some circus games and download the Kiss PC game demo of the Nightmare Child. You'll find some of the best screenshots here from the Nightmare Child. Also see the covers of the Psycho Circus comics.

It's really two sites in one. The main section dedicated to the Psycho Circus album, and a sub-section dedicated to the Nightmare Child game with Mp3, screensaver and walkthrough help...

Don't miss the KISS library featuring 1000+ restored photos from their other albums.

This is a graphics intense site. I tried to make my site compatible with all browsers.
Because of effects, some browsers may act funny...

I update whenever I have a chance. I'm not online as much as I used to be,
so expect updates only occasionally. Thank you.


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