The Microcosmic Orbit Method

These are the actual techniques performed for the Microcosmic Orbit method of clearing your chakras. Once you have mastered this technique, and ONLY when you have mastered this technique, you can proceed to the Macrocosmic Orbit method. That section will be up soon.

*No techniques or information may be taken from this site for use on any other website at any time.*

Everything in quotations was taken from the book: Qi Healing: The Way to a New Mind and Body
Written by Toshihiko Yayama, M.D.

Here is a diagram from the book illustrating how this training will help your qi flow.

"Making a Qi Ball Through Your Arms"

"Make a qi ball that produces a tingling, or electric, sensation between your palms. Breathe in the qi from the qi ball from your left arm at the same time as you inhale. Visualize the qi ball moving thorugh your left arm and into your right arm as you inhale, and you will experience qi sensations moving from your forearm to your elbow, and on to your shoulder."

"When your ability becomes more advanced, you will only need to inhale once to bring the qi ball through your left arm up to the inside of your chest, and to exhale once to bring it down to your right arm. You will need to be able to complete this same movement in the opposite direction as well. When you are able to let the qi ball circle through your arms, this means that you have reached the first step."

"Hold and strengthen the qi ball in your chest. The Anahate Chakra (from Yoga) can be strengthened this way. These exercises will eventually lead up to mastery of the Macrocosmic Orbit method, which will be explained in Part Two."

Now I know that when you are reading this, it can get confusing, since the names of the chakras are in Chinese. I am going to try to get the diagram from the book on here... But if you still can't understand it, here is a simplified version:

Make a strong ki ball in your hands until it produces a good tingling sensation. Now, (this way for men. opposite for women) starting at the very top of your head, hold the ki ball over each chakra for a few second, and pass it along, down the front of your body. Stop at every main chakra along the way, using the ki ball to clear the blockage there. Then, starting at the bottom chakra of the back of your body, work your way up to the top of your head, in a cycle. This is the way ki flows in men. For women it is the opposite direction, meaning up in front and down in back.

"Opening the Microcosmic Orbit"

"Make a qi ball between your palms. Now try to use this qi ball to open the meridians of the Microcosmic Orbit in your body."

"How to open the Microcosmic Orbit (for men)"

"1. Strenthen the qi ball until you can feel 'magnetic pressure,' or tingling sensations."

"2. Bring the qi ball to the crown of your head (Bai-Hui)."

"3. With your palms turned toward your head, stimulate Bai-Hui with the qi ball, as if you were massaging your head, but without touching it. You will feel a light pressure or tingling sensations in the head."

"4. When you feel the qi sensations strongly enough, bring the qi ball slowly to the acupuncture point between your eyes (Yin-Tang). Stimulate Yin-Tang with the qi ball."

"5. Repeat this, bringing the qi ball down to the following acupuncture points: Tian-Tu, Tang-Zhong, Zhong-Wang, and Qi-Hai. You will probably feel a coolness or tingling in the Bai-Hui and Yin-Tang, and warm sensations from the Tian-Tu through the Qi-Hai."

"6. Lead the qi ball from Qi-Hai to Xian-Gu through Hui-Yin."

"7. Bring the qi ball to Ming-Men. Lay your hands on this point until it gets warm."

"8. Stimulate from Ling-Tai, Da-Chui, Nao-Fu, and back to Bai-Hui."

How to open the Microcosmic Orbit (for women)"

Same technique as used for men, but in the opposite direction.

"General notes on opening the Microcosmic Orbit"

"1. It is important - in fact absolutely necessary - that the downward meridian is cleared before the upward meridian because qi has a tendency to move upward. Particularly when you practice this exercise without an instructor, this step is important in preventing any side effects. To confirm that the meridian is open, pay attention to the sensations you experience. For men, if you feel cool sensations in your head and a warm current flowing from the throat to the lower abdomen along the downward meridian, your downward meridian is open. For women, if you feel cool sensations in your head and a warm current flowing from Da-Chui to Xian-Gu, your downward meridian is open."

"2. As qi energy from the earth is absorbed from Xian-Gu, stimulate this point well."

"3. You will be unable to reach the points between Da-Chui and Ling-Tai with your hands. You just need to imagine that a qi ball is being led there, without your hands."

"4. Repeat the exercise."

"When you finish the exercise, bring a qi ball to Qi-Hai, and push the qi ball into the lower Dan-Tian. This last step is crucial in preventing any harmful side effects, and so should be borne in mind when you study the qigong method on your own. If the qi ball is allowed to stay in your head, you may experience numbness or headache, and feel as if you had develped a fever. If you have an abnormally curved cervical vertebra, pain you had there earlier might appear again. If you are a smoker, you might cough or raise some phlegm while a qi ball passes by the neck. But do not worry, about these symptoms, because they simply show that a qi blockage is clearing."