Sensing Other's Ki

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This section is on how you can sense other people's ki, to see how high or low their energy level is. Every time you train, your energy level goes up, which allows you to hold more ki, therefore letting you train for a longer period of time without having to draw ki as much the next time you train, and also, your energy level shows how much power and control you have over you ki; how strong your ki is. Some people call the energy level a power level; say whichever you want, it's still the same thing.


Keep in mind that I have no idea who made up some of these scales - I'm merely listing them here for examples.
1. "Human Scale:" On this scale, a normal person who does not do ki, has an energy level of about 200 - 500, and it just goes up from there. This scale is not very realistic, because it can go up to billions. I would NOT recommend using this scale.

2. "DBZ Scale:" This scale is somewhat like the human scale, but instead of saying a normal person's level would be from 200 - would say 2 - 5 instead. A little better than the human scale, but still not the best choice, in my opinion.

3. Darzeth's scale: I have found that my friend Darzeth's scale is the best. It is more realistic. The way this works, a normal person who doesn't practice ki would be around 1 or 2, as well as every decimal inbetween. For example, a normal person could be at a level of 1.3. Now this scale, you would keep more real. Now, keep in mind that this scale CAN NOT be converted from any other scale. It is completely different, so you will not be using numbers such as 300,000.

Now keep in mind that anyone can make up their own scale as well. Pick one that suits your own tastes.

Sensing Ki Long Distance Sense Auto-Sense Ki Sight Self-Sense

Sensing Ki: Alright, here is the technique that most people use to sense someone's ki. To start out, pick the person that you wish to sense the energy of. Now, if it helps, put your index and middle fingers on your forehead. Now you can either...1. imagine a beam of your ki coming out of the third eye area of your forehead,(don't worry if your third eye is not open, this technique still works fine) and imagine that beam going into the person and touching their ki, or 2. concentrate on that person and try to feel out their energy with your mind. Concentrate on feeling their level of power, and if you are doing it right, you should get a feeling in your stomach, like when you are on a roller coaster or go over a hill in a car. The stronger the feeling in your stomach, the higher that person's energy level is. To get numbers, you'll just have to base it on the gut feeling, after doing this for a while, you will get an idea of what kind of feeling means what level of energy.
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Long Distance Sense: Now, after you do this for a while and get more advanced, you can do it from long distances. When you start to do long distance sensing, you probably will need to know is a brief description of what the person looks like, and what state they live in. Then perfrom the same technique said above. Also as you get more advanced, you can sense whole areas at once, to determine who practices ki and who does not. To do that, just spread the beam of ki from your head out so that it covers the entire area you wish to sense.

Once you get more advanced with this, you will no longer need to invision the beam of energy coming from your head, just concentrate on a description of the person and feel out the person's energy with your mind, and you will get it. Or when you get use to it, you don't even need a description or anything. you will be able to just lock on to something like their screen name and then you'll be able to sense them.
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Auto-Sense: Also, you can program your ki to be on a sort of "auto-sense", if you will, so that it will automatically tell you when a high power level is approaching you. Also, you will be able to automatically sense the presence of other things around you..such as wandering spirits, demons, etc. The way you tell the difference is by your gut feeling. If you have a feeling as if you are sensing a normal person's energy, then it is most likely a wandering spirit, or something of the sort. If you have a bad feeling, or feeling of emptyness, it could be something of evil.
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Ki Sight: This technique was written by Eiji MeCloud. First center and ground as usual, then focus on the dan tien area. Move your ki up through your body and focus it in your eyes. Now once that is done, say you want to see someones energy level. All you have to do is think of a target lock type symbol focused on the other person's dan tien, and have it give you the level. (This can also be used to search for people that may be hiding, but this time just visualize your eyes like the scouters of DBZ.) I've also found a way to turn it into a technique to find people in the dark like the hunters did in the movie Predator.
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Self-Sense: This is a technique to sense your own energy level. Sit down in a comfortable position and relax yourself. You may want to meditate first or even while doing this, if you want. Take in three slow deep breaths, then power up. Close your eyes and picture yourself sitting there with a ki flame surging around you. Focus on your dan tien and concentrate, try and feel your level of power.
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That's all in this section for now. If you have any sensing techniques of your own that you would like me to post here, email them to me at 1