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A Love Like Ours

A love like ours
is hard to find,
its not just a feeling,
its of a more deeper kind.
Many will say its a fairytale,
" It can't be real,"
They'll insist.
You know, I will tell them,
a love like ours
can exist!

Baby, like magic
you came into my life.
Gently, you took
sadness and strife.
Into my life,
you have brought so much.
Like a sweet, sweet
my life has been touched.

A love like ours,
never dies,
it goes on forever,
it exceeds all ties.
A love like ours
has always been,
no one can erase it,
nor come between.
With a love like ours,
nothing else can compare.
Come and love me forever,
we have eternity to share.

***The Lady Rain***