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Mom's Testimony!!! :) Part 1
       My Mom's Page !!

This part of the page is            dedicated to the one person
           who has made me who
                     I am today...

MY MOM !!!!
" Therefore, we are always confident,knowing that,
whilst we are at home in the body, we are absent from the Lord..
.we are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from
the body, and to be present with the Lord."
--2Corinthians 5:6,8
My Mom's name is Alice Guay.  She was a very extraordinary lady. Once she had given her life to Christ, she became quickly sold out to Jesus. She lived and devoured His Word.

Prior to giving her life to Jesus, she suffered a massive stroke, and was not expected to be able to walk, see, talk or move her right side again.

Being away from Jesus, I quickly ran to Him, asking Him to heal my Mom.  I promised Him I'd give my life back to Him, if He healed her.
She quickly recovered!! Everything came back, all accept her speech. It was at least a year before I seriously came back to Christ, and when I did,  I witnessed to my Mom, and she accepted Him.
We prayed earnestly for her speech, and everyday, she was saying more.
Just before her cancer...she was speaking the Name of Jesus, and singing, "Jesus Loves me!"

My Mother became a woman of great faith. All things were possible to her!!
If something was amiss, she would point her finger at us..and point to the sky and say, " Jesus!! Jesus!!"
In other words..." Look to Jesus!!"

How I miss her faith, and yet I know it is in my heart forever.
The days to follow were hard days, She was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. They gave her six months. There was nothng they could really do.
I cried.
My Dad cried.
My sisters cried.
My Mom..... she praised the Lord !!
She made me play songs about Heaven all the way home from the hospital.
I was so upset!
I wasn't going to stand by and just let her go!
In the days ahead, I did everything I knew of to do...I prayed..fasted... cried out to God, named Scriptures..stood on the promises of God.. I had Pastors come and pray over her...annointing her with oil...
All the while she read scriptures like," oh death where is thy sting?"
I wanted her healed for the Glory of God... and then I realized...I wanted her healed..... simply for me. 
The Story does not end here, please read my Mom's Vision.
"Beulah Land" was her song and it describes her perfectly.  She was homesick for a country where she'd never been. 
She longed for Heaven. Jesus knew her heart.
He came for her March 8, 1998.
She was 57 yrs old.
Mom's Vision
Read about what my
Mom saw before
she died.
June 5, 1940 - March 8, 1998