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My Companion Of The Night

Under the moonlight,
I dance around a fire,
in the presence of a wolf-
my companion of the night.

This is the third visit,
three times a charm.
I think he knows,
I mean him no harm.

Oh! I feel so confined,
I want to feel free!
I take off my clothes
for all of nature to see!

My heart begins pounding,
energy is bounding,
my ears begin ringing,
Oh! I feel like singing-
when all of a sudden
I become fearfully aware;
of the wolf's penetrating stare.,,,,,,

I freeze for a moment,
not sure what to do.
He sensed I was scared,
I know that to be true.

Walking to me,
I reach out to him.
I caress his head.
As our moonlight grows dim.

As I begin to get dressed,
as though to express,
the wolf takes his place beside me.
"Yes, I know we'll  have more  nights,
       in the moonlight.
        just you and me.....
     my companion of the night."
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