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All Of
My Love.

Click the
so that my
Heart may
pour out its
To You.
Happy Valentine's Day, Baby!!
   Our Love grows everyday, and with every passing moment, I fall more in love with you.  You are deep in my soul, where you ought to be. 
     Time has no meaning, our love shall outlast centuries to come. 
      Throughtout the ages, My Love, Our souls shall forever be .....
                  As One Heart
    Meeting you has come to me, as such a sweet surprise.  What a rare jewel I found, when I found you.
     Just when I had given up hope, of ever finding that perfect someone, to share my whole life with; there you were...
       Your beauty threw me into a tailspin, and your smile, took my breath away...
       In that moment, in that second, all I knew was, I had to have you...
       I needed your love, for my very existance...
        Looking into your eyes, I knew, beyond any doubt, you were the one for me. 
        I recognized you deep within my soul, I remembered you from long ago, my Love.... at last... I have found You,  My Soulmate.....

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