Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel the Series Fan Fiction

As you most likely know, this section is dedicated to my creative writing (also known as fan fiction), dedicated to the television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its spin-off Angel (the Series).

Titles are listed in alphabetical order, followed by a short summary, a rating, the story's status, and the chapters.

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A Day at the Beach
Chaos and other wackiness ensues when Buffy gets it into her head that she and Angel need to plan a day at the beach for all their friends, from both Sunnydale and L.A.  Filled with many...interesting couples, as per the request of the challenge.  (Challenge fic). 
Couples: B/A, Faith/Spike, Anya/Doyle, Willow/Tara, Cordelia/Xander, Harmony/Riley.
Rating: PG-13                Status: Complete            Parts: 1

A Drinking We Will Go
It's Christmastime and absolutely everyone is getting drunk.  Resulting in, as usual, utter and complete silliness.  (Challenge fic).
Couples: B/S hintings, another more unusual one *bg*
Rating: PG-13                Status: Complete            Parts: 1

Attack of the Evil Mr. Gordo
Mwahahahaha!  Remember that nice, cute little stuffed pig of Buffy's from What's my Line?  Well, he's back!  Just as cute, not as nice...  This is what happens when a stuffed animal goes on a killing spree... (Bad silly fic).
Couples: minor B/A and C/X mentions
Rating: R for violence       Status: Complete           Parts: 1

Buffy's Got Mail
A blatant rip-off of the movie You've Got Mail, with Buffy and Angel in Meg Ryan and Tom Hank's places.  Don't expect it to be followed to the letter, however.  It keeps with the proper Buffy timeline up until Angel's leaving, and it strays from the movie a great deal.
Couples: Buffy/Angel, Buffy/Riley, Angel/Kate, Willow/Oz, Riley/Kate
Rating: PG        Status: Permanently Incomplete    Parts: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

Buffy's Insane Halloween with Spike
A Halloween (duh) challenge fic.  Buffy and the Scooby gang get together for some proper spooky season fun, though Buffy seems to be on...well, crack.  Then again, so is the author.  (Challenge fic).
Couples: minor B/A and B/S
Rating: PG                       Status: Complete            Parts: 1

Chains and Good Advice
Alternate ending to Doomed and part to Somnambulist.  Angel's in chains and Buffy makes the best of the situation...
Couples: Buffy/Angel, minor B/R
Rating: Pg-14                    Status: Complete            Parts: 1

Chit Chat: The Art of Getting to Know You New!
We didn't get to see the Buffy/Riley relationship get developed very much on screen, it was kind of just thrown at us all.  That's one of the reasons why I hate it.  However, I could have liked it if it had had more of a flow.  This is my attempt to show the B/R relationship a little more comfortably.
Couples: Buffy/Riley
Rating: PG                        Status: Complete            Parts: 1

Daddy Forever
Sixteen years after leaving Sunnydale, a young girl shows up in LA, looking for Angel, who soon learns that she is the daughter he never knew he could have...let alone actually had.  But where is her mother?  (Angelina's POV; companion piece to Daughter Dearest).
Couples: B/A and W/O mentions
Rating: PG                        Status: Complete            Parts: 1

Daughter Dearest
Sixteen years after leaving Sunnydale, a young girl shows up in LA, looking for Angel, who soon learns that she is the daughter he never knew he could have...let alone actually had.  But where is her mother?  (Angel's POV; companion piece to Daddy Forever).
Couples: B/A and W/O mentions
Rating: PG                        Status: Complete            Parts: 1

Die! Die! Die!
Samantha hates three characters...so three characters are going to die.  In other words, Riley, Kate, and Parker can look forward to being demeaned and then brutally killed and tortured!  Not your bag?  Don't read!  Oh, and if you expect characterization to be dead-on, you will be seriously disappointed.  (Basher fic).
Couples: Buffy/Angel
Rating: R for violence          Status: Complete             Parts: 1

For Angel
A few day's after the events of Hero and Doyle's death, Angel and Cordelia find a letter from their late friend.  Doyle shows that he, too, can be cryptic, in his letter to his friend and boss about his purpose.
Rating: G                            Status: Complete             Parts: 1

From Darkness to Innocence
After Buffy sleeps with Parker, she learns that it's had unexpected consequences.  A bit of an alternate ending to "The Harsh Light of Day" and "In the Dark".  Doyle receives a premonition warning Angel not to destroy the ring and sending him to Sunnydale...and Buffy.  What is the new prophecy revolving around the Slayer?  What does Angel have to do with it? ...Or Parker, for that matter.  To find out, you've got to read it.
Couples: Buffy/Angel, Parker/any girl that breathes, minor mentions of cannon couples
Rating: PG-16                    Status: Incomplete            Parts: 1 2 3

Hidden Feelings
Someone tells someone else how they've been feeling for a long time, but haven't been able to tell them yet.  Cryptic enough for you?  It's supposed to be.  Blame Angel...and my muses for having the nerve to speak to me at 2AM.
Couples: One, won't tell you who though, you have to guess.
Rating: PG                           Status: Complete               Parts: 1

Incomplete New!
Buffy and Angel meet at a little restaurant halfway between Sunnydale and Los Angeles as they planned to at the end of Flooded and Carpe Noctem.  I think this is my first complete non-total-fluff B/A fic!  Though it's not much of a romance...
Couples: Buffy/Angel
Rating: PG                        Status: Complete                   Parts: 1

It's Too Big!
A short ditty about a little conversation between Buffy and Angel...and another not-so-little thing that belongs to Angel that she finds to be too big. *g*
Couples: Buffy/Angel
Rating: PG-13                        Status: Complete              Parts: 1

Kisses and Beatings
Buffy's at a party and Riley's hitting on her, much to her annoyance.  But everything's okay, because her tall dark and handsome vampire boyfriend is her date.  Co-written with Cass.
Couples: Buffy/Angel
Rating: PG-14 (swearing)         Status: Complete               Parts: 1

Lady in Red
Buffy's gone to LA to attend one of the gallery's gala's with her mother.  Someone shows her that one of her father's songs isn't bad at all...when you're dancing with the right person.
Couples: Buffy/Angel
Rating: PG                            Status: Complete                Parts: 1

Life on the Farm
Well, after watching my tape of A New Man again, I decided that I'd been absolutely wrong to feel anything but complete and utter love for Riley ::coughgodhelpmecough::  I mean, after all, don't Buffy and Riley make the cutest widdle couple you've ever seen??  I think so!  So this is my first ever B/R fluff!  Presenting my vision of their wonderful future together...Life on the Farm!
Couples: Why, Buffy/Riley, of course!
Rating: PG                            Status: Complete                Parts: 1

One True Valentine
It's Valentine's Day and the Gang has yet another prophecy to decode and thwart.  Call in the LA group and the patron day of chocolate factories and flower shops everywhere is looking really very interesting.
Couples: Buffy/Angel, Willow/Oz, Cordelia/Doyle, Anya/Xander, Riley/Walsh
Rating: PG-13                       Status: Complete                 Parts: 1

Pure Hearts
An alternate ending to I Will Remember You, picking up from Angel's second visit to the Oracles.  What would have happened if the Oracles had actually done something worthwhile?  Why, tonnes of fluff, that's what!
Couples: Buffy/Angel
Rating: G                                Status: Complete               Parts: 1

Secretly Plotting
Everyone is keeping something from Buffy...mainly their plot to bring her and Angel back together again.  (Challenge fic).
Couples: Buffy/Riley, Buffy/Angel, Willow/Oz
Rating: PG-13                         Status: Complete                Parts: 1

See What Was
When Buffy returns to Sunnydale after the events of I Will Remember You, she can't shake the nagging feeling that she's missing something important...which, naturally, she is.  What happens when Willow casts a spell to help jog her memory?
Couples: Buffy/Angel
Rating: PG                             Status: Complete                Parts: 1

Some Magic is Real
Buffy's been depressed and Willow's tired of it.  So, it being Easter and all, she forces Buffy to go with her on the town's annual Easter Egg Hunt, where they make a new pint-sized friend.
Couples: Buffy/Angel
Rating: PG-13                        Status: Complete                Parts: 1

Surprises in San Francisco
Buffy has allowed Riley to talk her into a weekend trip to San Francisco with an old girlfriend of his and her boyfriend.  What happens when she discovers that the boyfriend is Angel??
Couples: Buffy/Riley, Angel/Kate, Buffy/Angel
Rating: PG-14                        Status: Complete                 Parts: 1

The Corrupt Ways of Joss Whedon
A "reality" story co-written with Genevieve about Joss's underhanded reasons for making BtVS and AtS so angst-filled.  It'll never be completed, but it doesn't really need to be.  (Silly fic.)
Rating: PG-13              Status: Permanently Incomplete       Parts: 1

The Little Slayer who Blew up the World
Written in the format of a children's storybook, this is the result of babysitting kids who insist on having the same book read to them over and over again.  Buffy wants to blow up the world but doesn't know how.  Will she ever find someone who will tell her how to blow up the stupid place?? (Silly fic).
Rating: G                           Status: Complete                    Parts: 1

An untitled piece of fluff about some quality time spent in the mansion on Crawford Street the night before Buffy's first day of college.  She's stressing, but as always, Angel's there for her.
Couples: Buffy/Angel
Rating: Pg-14                      Status: Complete                   Parts: 1

What they Didn't Know
Buffy and Riley learn of each other's secret identities.  Riley's thrilled, Buffy's not.  This is my interpretation of how things should have gone over when the cat was let out of the bag.  Set before Hush.
Rating: PG                         Status: Complete                    Parts: 1

The Buffy II Series

The Revelation
The twenty-second century has just begun.  It has been two hundred years since Buffy committed suicide following the deaths of all her friends.  Now Angel has run into her look-alike.  But it couldn't really be her...right?
Couples: Buffy/Angel, others galore
Rating: PG                        Status: Complete                      Parts: 13 (inc. Pro.&Epi.)

The Calling
Buffy and Angel go on their first date of this lifetime - the school dance.  Angel finds that Buffy's soul group is rather large...he's seeing repeats of everyone!  He doesn't want to see a repeat of her last lifetime though.  But will he be able to prevent her from being called?
Couples: Buffy/Angel, Amber/Chris (Willow/Oz), others galore
Rating: PG                        Status: Complete                      Parts: 14 (inc. Pro.&Epi.)

The Battle
Spike shows up again and stirs up trouble for Buffy and Magnolia, but he's hardly the worst of their troubles.  Guess who's been chosen to avert yet another apocalypse?
Couples: Buffy/Angel, Amber/Chris (Willow/Oz), Magnolia/Spike, others galore
Rating: PG                        Status: Incomplete                    Parts: 4/?

The Buffy Summers's Boys (BSB) Series

BSB1 - All They Have to Give is Love and a Headache
Angel's back in town, and now he and Riley are competing over Buffy.  She's fed up with the both of them, so they team up to try to change her mind and make her choose...by singing.  A Backstreet Boys song as a duet, to be precise.  (Song fic)
Couples: Angel/Buffy/Riley love triangle
Rating: G                            Status: Complete                    Part: 1/4

BSB2 - As Long As You Love Us We'll Embarrass You
Angel and Riley are back at the Bronze with their special (yeah, specially bad) brand of karaoke!  And they've tricked Buffy into coming again.  Will she ever choose? (Song fic.)
Couples: Angel/Buffy/Riley love triangle
Rating: G                            Status: Complete                    Part: 2/4

BSB3 - Back to Your Heart That I'll Never Break
Having finally come up with a solution to the fights over the microphone, Angel and Riley decide to serenade Buffy with solos instead.  If nothing else, it should at least allow them to finish their songs! (And finish breaking their audience's eardrums...)  What does Buffy think of this?  (Song fic.)
Couples: Angel/Buffy/Riley love triangle 
Rating: G                            Status: Complete                    Part: 3/4

BSB4 - I Need You to Use Your Own Words Tonight
The singing madness is finished and the boys confront Buffy at her dorm.  It's time for her to chew them out...then render her decision.  Who will it be?  (Song fic.)
Couples: Angel/Buffy/Riley love triangle; Buffy/?
Rating: G                            Status: Complete                        Part: 4/4

BSB4 - I Need You to Use Your Own Words Tonight B
The original ending to the fic.  Because I wrote this especially for a certain list, I didn't feel I could send this out.  But, hey, my site, my deal :)  Anyway, this is how I originally intended the fic to end.  Love or hate me for it.  Buffy decides to pay the boy's back for the time in effort they put into serenading her with the songs...by using a song of her own.  Of course, it's NOT what anyone expected. (Song fic.)
Couples: Angel/Buffy/Riley love triangle
Rating: G                            Status: Complete                        Part: 4/4