Buffy's Got Mail
Samantha Gold

Disclaimer: Sadly, I do not own any of the characters that you recognize in this story. If I did, they would all be happy and Buffy and Angel would never have broken up. If Joss is ever interested in selling though, well, I’d be more that happy to take Angel off his hands.  Oh, and the concept belongs to the people behind You've Got Mail.
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Part 2

Buffy searched for a chat room. "Okay, www.fun.chat.com, sounds innocent enough," she said with a smile. "I need to enter my e-mail address? Okay…" she mumbled to herself as she typed it in. "Chat name? Um, can I get Claddagh?" She hit enter. "Oh good, it’s not taken!" She exclaimed happily.

A banner came up across the screen that promised that her e-mail address would not be available to other users. She closed it. She looked at the side of her screen and noticed that there were four other people in the room: Princess99, Sweetheart16, Irish1753, and BoyToy. *Interesting,* she thought.


Two hours later,

Buffy was in a private chat with Irish1753. He had invited her in shortly after she had entered the chat. <<What are your hobbies?>> the screen displayed.

Buffy smiled, setting her fingers over the keyboard, then stopped. What were her hobbies? <<Stuff>>

<<How informative>> Came the reply.

<<Well what do u like?>> She typed back.


<<LOL>> She typed back. She had picked the term up in the chat earlier and liked having the chance to use it.

The door opened behind her. "Hey Buffy!" Willow’s voice came through the door cheerfully.

"Hey," Buffy responded, without taking her eyes off the screen, watching as his reply appeared one letter at a time.

"What are you doing?" Willow asked curiously peering at the screen.

Buffy began typing back. "Chatting."

"Cool…Buffy, you do know that classes start at seven, right?"

"Yeah, so?"

"When are you going to sleep?" Willow asked her.

"Oh, sleep. That’s when you…sleep," Buffy rambled. "Okay, I’ll get off."

<<I’ve got to go. I have classes tomorrow.>> She wrote to him.

<<High School or University?>>



<<Do you want to exchange e-mails?>> She asked on impulse.

<<Sure, mine’s Irish1753@aol.com>>


<<We can chat later>>

<<OK, I’ll e-mail u, bye>>


She logged off and shut down the computer. *That was fun,* she thought, changing into her pajamas. She settled into bed and slowly drifted off to sleep.