Buffy's Got Mail
Samantha Gold

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Part 12

"Is this seat taken?" Angel asked as he sat across from Buffy.

Buffy glared at him. "Actually it is," she told him coolly.

"Really?" Angel said as he opened the napkin and took out the fork and knife.

"What are you doing here, Angel?" Buffy asked him painfully.

"Same as you, I guess," Angel said, shrugging.

"Angel, please, I’m meeting somebody."

"Okay," Angel said. "I’ll just sit here until he arrives."

"Angel…" Buffy pleaded.

"Fine," Angel said standing up. "I’ll sit here." He slid into the next booth.

"Are you trying to make things harder for me?" Buffy asked him. "I mean you leave saying that it’s not right for us to be together, then you go and date someone else, than you’re here, bugging me while I wait for my…friend. Why are you doing this to me?"

Angel looked up at her. "Why am I doing what to you?"

Buffy felt anger surge up inside her. Why did he always try to make her feel like an immature child? Well, if he was going to treat her like one, then she was going to act like one. "Look, Mr. I’ll-just-disappear-off-the-face-of-the-Earth-on-Buffy-after-dumping-her-right-before-Prom, you told me to move on. Now that I’m trying to, all of a sudden you’re in my face and you won’t let me be! What is your deal? You know, I think you’re the immature and childish one!"

"I’m sorry, I’ll go," Angel said as he got up and left.

"Angel…" Buffy called after him, painfully, as he left, but it didn’t make a difference, he kept on walking.

Doyle met him outside. "Going so soon?" He asked.

"I shouldn’t have come," Angel said angrily, hurt, as he left.


Buffy sighed to herself. Why had he come here? *How* had he known to come here? *Oh well,* she thought. *I’m going to meet a really great guy tonight.* She glanced at her watch. Quarter after, he was late. *Probably just got held up,* she decided.


One hour later,

*Any minute now…any minute now he’ll walk through that door,* Buff thought as she downed her third latté and stared at the door. *Any minute now…*


Another hour later,

Buffy looked at the door, again, then sighed and stood up. *He’s not coming…he’s just not going to show,* she thought sadly as she left the café. *I think I’ll go home and sulk.*


Next day,

"So what happened?" Willow asked her best friend. After Buffy and Riley had broken up, she had come down to spend the rest of the week in LA with her.

"Um, he was detained," Buffy said.

"You got stood up," Willow stated.

"Ohhh, Will!" Buffy cried as she let herself drop onto her bed.

"Sorry, Buffy," Willow said. "Why don’t you e-mail him, see what’s up?"

"Do you think that’s a good idea?"

"It can’t hurt to try, right?"

"Right," Buffy affirmed.