It's been a LONG TIME since we've used this site...the current site is www.thelanclan.com but no one has touched that one either for awhile. If you are still interested in contacting us you can email me lukefast@gmail.com.
- Sly

06/11/03 I made a new LAN-CON website today, August read over it and change what you need, then go ahead and put it on alexis's site. Paul and I are working on shirts for LAN-CON but we could use any suggestions, color, phrase, whatever, also please try and come, we want a good showing of TLC.
Peace, Sly

5/10/03 Hey all, it looks like the sniper won't be in the house this summer. I'm moving to Mapel Grove, Minnesota on Saturday. I don't really know if I'll be back next fall, so if I don't see you when i come visit for a weekend in June this is my formal goodbye to all you clanners out there. Thanks for the good times. Keep on gaming.
- D33k1n

5/7/03 Nevermind about the lan party this friday at the school, the sponsors are too busy to have it, but we did get the okay from Graber, so we need to set a date... my recommendation is friday the 16th.

5/6/03 LAN party at the school friday. Be there if you go to south. Ill have banners and such up soon. The name for the bigun in August is LAN-Con and i have a site up for it.

5/5/03 I just rented the labor building for August 9th so get out your red pens and mark your calenders folks. I will get a web site thats not gay geocities set up so I can set up an information site. The only things I need now are enough hubs for a projected 100 people. Including wireless. 802.11g. Ill figure the info out, and hopefully get a site up in the next week. In fact ill work on that today. If you have any suggestions for names EMAIL ME!(specturox@hotmail.com) Im in DIRE need.

5/1/03 If there is a LAN party this friday, I am not going. I don't plan on going to X2 either, but if you guys want to go for it. Right now tenative plans are for a LAN party at South high the 9th. I haven't got the go ahead from administration, but it looks promising. I don't want to get LANNed out this month, so I would recommend a LAN party for all of the Cougar LANNers on the 9th, and then a graduation celebration one on the 25th. Thats what Im seeing right now. That would give time for all of the college students to get back, and for the seniors to get finals and such out of the way. Plus since it would be on a Sunday it would be like starting a religion. We could sacrifice a 486 to the almighty Computris! We could sing a hymn! It would be fun. I have some big news on a more serious note though. There will be a HUGE lan party probably on August 9 at the Labor Building. To get this wonderful space reserved, I need $225, of which I will get $175 back if we clean up. I am going to set preregistration costs at $15, $10 of which you will get back the night of the shindig. I hope to have close to 100 attend, and we will get all kinds of kickass corporate sponsoring. It will be the mother of all LAN parties (in saline county at least). I still need a name, and more importantly the cash to get the date, so I will be depending on you guys' help. Email me if you have any thoughts. (JUST ME NOT THE WHOLE PLANET) And I will have a forum on Version 3.0 of the site. Hopefully coming by the end of May, so just HOLD YOUR FREAKIN TITS ON!

4/29/03 Okay okay there is not going to be a LAN party this weekend unless we can get somewhere more than about 5 people coming. I think an Xmen2 party would be fun. That would be pretty neato. Future candidate dates for parties are as such.

Friday, May 9 - The college guys wouldn't be back but thats no big deal, we can have just as much fun without em. This would be a good time, so ask your parents and look for a place (Paul?).

Sunday, May 25 - College guys would be back, and it would be a grand time for the mother of all LAN parties. The biggest salina has ever seen. Little LAN clan doesnt have school the next day (memorial day) and the seniors all just graduated, so itll be a pimpin good time.

If any of these times sound good then email me (AND JUST ME I DONT WANT 150 CHAIN EMAILS!) I will organize an X2 party, and I will post info on upcoming LANS.
- ImAfrEaK

4/28/03 Everyone seems to want a LAN party this friday but i got a crying sad email from Josh, who wants to have it NEXT Friday (may 9th). What say you serfs? Email me (specturox@hotmail.com). I dont know if we can get college guys either time, but I know I can't supply the location this Friday. Feedback!
- ImAfrEaK

- LAN party at ImAfrEak's house is now moved to Chad's house. It is open to all ya guys. It will start around 7 ish mabey 6:30 gotta check with the parental units on that part. We'll order some pizza, so come hungry.
- Frost Byte

- The LAN party has been set to my house on the 14th of March. I have cable so don't worry, you can pull a Graham if you want. It will be only for the old school clan. Im gonna need a hub of course, so Luke, get here early. If you have any questions email me.
I also got a new idea for the logo, check it out!
- ImAfrEaK

3/8/03 LAN Party at my house for the old school LAN clan.  I'm taking votes on when it should be, and I am thinking Friday the 14th.  This one is only for the old school guys (college guys and me and Royce) just for good measure.  There it is.  Luke, as always I'm looking to you for the hub, and bring a table if you got it, I only have room for 4 other computers the way it is.  If you want to change the date, e-mail me or talk to me online or something like that.

   - ImAfrEaK


- Ok guys, big news. BIG LAN PARTY at KSU. Its going to be the first or second weekend in May. I'm setting it up as a fund raiser for scolorships for the MIS club here. There will be a $15 fee to get in, but there will be prizes, and free pizza and mabey pop. I will know more soon, but any suggestions about places to donate stuff would be helpful, games to play, and if you think you are able to come please let me know. Also if you are able to bring a switch or a hub we might be giving discounts, I'm not in total control of the money but it will be no more than $15 and all the money will be going to scolorships. Just email me if you have any ideas of any kind. I'd also like to promote the Clan a bit so if you have any ideas let me know, and you all are invited and if you need a place to chrash...I'll get ya one. the_mole_lan@hotmail.com
   - Chad

Finally I've got the information on the LAN party Wednesday, sorry for taking so long.  The party is going to be at my house, no worries, I have a map here.  I do have cable, so don't worry about that.  If you start coming about 7 it would be fine, but try and bring tables and such, that would be very good.  I don't have a hub, so I'm looking to Paul and Andrew for that.  If you need any more information, email me.

   - ImAfrEaK


- Ok, I got a few pics of some OLD LAN parties up if you would like to take a look. If you have any pics of the any newer parties please email them to me, thanks.
     - frostbyte

- Ah it feels nice to have a new look.  Version 2.1 is up a running, and in honor I have decided to throw a LAN party.  So if you want to check it out, email me, or msn me. Its planned for Saturday night, but It might get moved depending on attendance.  The party next Wednesday is still going to happen, so be there if you can (Chiles house if I am not mistaken). I expect some major LAN funnage either way.

     - ImAfrEaK