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Hi We're The Wannabe's and we're bringing our infectious mix of music to a town near you shortly. There are four of us in the group. Me ( Brett, Stevie, Andy, Pete. We collectivly make up the wannabe's. We are currently in rehearsal for an upcoming tour and we are recording an album very soon. Whilst on the tour and when we have finished, feel free to drop us a line as we'd love to hear off anyone.

We have a working title for our album at the moment it's to be called Wait untill the morning. We have currently 6 songs to go on the album and hope whilst on tour we will write some more. List of dates is as follows

                                            Wannabe’s Tour Schedule

1.  Sheffield Leadmill, + Yukka’s + Forty Winks  *
2.  Leeds University + Yukka’s + Homestation
3.  Hull ( Welly Club) + Yukka’s + Leadean
4.  Manchester Carling Apollo + Yukka’s + Downtrodden  *
5. Liverpool University + Yukka’s + Dragback
6. - Day Off, Studio
7.  Shrewsbury Music Hall + Davidstown + King Killer  *
8.  Birmingham Carling Academy + Davidstown + Kittylitter  *
9.  Nottingham Rescue Rooms + Davidstown + Fortworth
10.  Stoke Sugarmill + Davidstown + All About Us
11. - Day Off, Studio
12.  Bristol Carling Academy + Westways + Underdressed  *
13.  Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms + Westways + Jungle
14.  Southampton Guildhall + Westways + Veronika
15. - Day Off, Studio
16.  Brighton Komedia +Yukka’s + Sangfreud
17. Hammersmith Apollo + Yukka’s, Davidstown +Westways  *

We hope to see you whilst on tour. Many thanks for checking out the band. Peace be with you. The wannabe's are
Pictures of band will appear soon
Inspired and Fired
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Name: Brett Starson