1/11/04-I'm not exactly sure why, but a few people want me to keep this up. So here it is. Maybe one day I'll come back, visit it, and do a big makeover. My current site is here.

12/19/00-I have got two sites up now. My old site, The Legend X book series, and my newer, better(A LOT) RPG website. Anyone who even visits this page probably ownderes why I haven't updated this site in so long. Well, I've been working on The Legend X RPG site. It contains information on all the famous RPG's. Final Fantasy, and more. So if you;'d like to see my new and improved site, head to www.geo.... just click on teh banner at teh bottom of the page. Thanx!

Frames No Frames
A world awaits where anything can come true. Adventure, battles, even romance. It's all in The Legend X and X-Warriors. Two adventures. Same Device.
"A Heart......is all it takes"

A Site, wiht many any RPG's. Enter world where you'll find Walkthru's, Pics and more of Final Fantasy, MegaMAn LEgedns, ZElda, Wild Arms Two and more..... 1