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Time Reset FAQ

Gold / Silver / Crystal Versions

Version 1.1 ©2002-3 Phil Erwin Last Updated: 2/7/2003

When you start a new game of G/S/C Pokémon, you are asked to set the day of the week, the time, and daylight savings time. There are times when, for whatever reason, you need to change or reset that time.

Nintendo/Game Freak provided a way to reset the time, but the game requires a password. This FAQ will help you generate that password. The password is determined by several factors of your saved game.


Before you can calculate your time reset password, you have to know the following things related to your saved game:

Write these numbers down on scratch paper before you begin, you'll be referring to them later.


There are four steps to generating your password. You will be generating numbers based on your trainers Name, Money, and Trainer ID.

Step One: Name

Table 1: Name character codes
Char Value Char Value Char Value
A 128 a 160 ( 154
B 129 b 161 ) 155
C 130 c 162 : 156
D 131 d 163 ; 157
E 132 e 164 [ 158
F 133 f 165 ] 159
G 134 g 166 PK 225
H 135 h 167 MN 226
I 136 i 168 - 227
J 137 j 169 ? 230
K 138 k 170 ! 231
L 139 l 171 . 232
M 140 m 172 * 241
N 141 n 173 / 243
O 142 o 174 , 244
P 143 p 175
Q 144 q 176
R 145 r 177
S 146 s 178
T 147 t 179
U 148 u 180
V 149 v 181
W 150 w 182
X 151 x 183
Y 152 y 184
Z 153 z 185

Using the values shown in Table 1, translate the first five characters of your trainers name into values. Add these five numbers together. This will be referred to as your Name Total.

The game places a special code at the end of the Trainers Name, which has a value of 80. Therefore, if your trainers name is less than five characters, you must add 80 to the Name Total.

Step Two: Money

The amount of Money you have in the game is stored as a 24-bit number (also referred to as a long in programmer-speak) and therefore takes 3 bytes of storage. These three individual bytes are to be added together and this will be referred to as your Money Total.

Note: In computer terminology, calculating the remainder is also referred to as modulus, or simply Mod. Most scientific calculators have this feature, including the Windows Calculator (set in Scientific mode). For example, entering 50517 Mod 256 returns 85. What could be easier?

ExampleLets say you are holding exactly 200,000Example in the game. (This number is represented in hexadecimal as 0x030D40. For the programmers out there, what we are doing is simply adding 0x03 (3 in decimal) + 0x0D (13 in decimal) + 0x40 (64 in decimal), which results in 0x50, or 80 in decimal.)

But we'll do it the long way.

The three numbers—3, 13, and 64—are added together and the result, 80, is the Money Total.

Step Three: Trainer ID

This operation is very similar to what was done in Step Two, except now the Trainer ID number is used. The Trainer ID number is only stored as a 16-bit number, which uses two bytes of memory. These two bytes are going to be added together and this sum will be referred to as your ID Total.

ExampleLets say your Trainer ID number is 12345. This number is stored as two bytes represented as 0x3039. The ID Total will be the sum of 0x30 (48 in decimal) and 0x39 (57 in decimal), which is 0x69 (105 in decimal). But that's the short way, lets do it again the long way.

The two numbers, 48 and 57, are added together and 105 is your ID Total.

Step Four: Password

Add your Name Total, Money Total, and ID Total numbers together. If the number of digits in the result is less than five, pad zeros on the left until there are five numerals. This five-digit code is your password.

Full Example

Here is a complete example to illustrate the algorithm.

Name: Charles
ID: 54201
Money: 247,122

Step One: Name

Translating the first five letters of his name, we get:

Char Value
C 130
h 167
a 160
r 177
l 171

130+167+160+177+171 = 805. This is the Name Total.

Step Two: Money

247,122 is stored as 0x03C552 (in hexadecimal), so we know the Money Total will equal 0x03 + 0xC5 + 0x52, which equals 0x11A (282 in decimal). But I'll do it longhand to verify.

The Money Total is 3 + 197 + 82, or 282.

Step Three: Trainer ID

54201 is stored internally as 0xD3B9. 0xD3 + 0xB9 = 0x18C, which is 396. But we'll do it the longer way for giggles and grins.

The ID Total is 211+185, or 396. The double-check matches, all is well and right with the world.

Step Four: Password

Password = Name Total + Money Total + ID Total = 805 + 282 + 396 = 1483. This doesn't have five digits, so we pad zeros to the left. The password is 01483.

Using the Password

Finally, the part we've been waiting for: using the password!

Gold and Silver Version

This is the easy part. On the title screen, press Select+Down+B. A message will appear asking you if you want to reset the clock. Choosing Yes will prompt you to enter the password. After entering the correct password, the time is reset and you will be asked to set the clock like when you first started your game.

Crystal Version

Unfortunately, the good people at Nintendo decided to take the Select+Down+B option out of the Crystal version. Maybe they thought too many people were abusing the time reset code or maybe someone just forgot. In any event, there is only one way to reset the clock using the password and that is by using a Gameshark code. I know, I know... I don't like using Gameshark codes myself, but in this instance it is necessary.

Enter Gameshark code 010464CF and start your game. At the title screen, press the A button. You will be prompted to reset the clock. Remove the Gameshark code at this time and proceed entering the password as in the Gold and Silver version.


Password Calculator

If you don't have the patience to do the calculations yourself, feel free to use this Calculator.

Name: Use $ for PK and & for MN

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