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Question for Pro-War Christians

The Reason Iraqis Can Never Truly Be Free.

The idea that the American government is going to liberate the Iraqi people and free Iraq is a lie.   If the Iraqi people were allowed to freely select their own government, they would select a fundamentalist Islamic state.  That's the whole reason that the US propped Saddam up in the first place.  The US under Reagan and Bush, with many of these same faces in the administration, like Cheney and Rumsfeld, made Saddam.  They put him in power and armed him so he could fight Iran and prevent a similar  popular uprising by the fundamentalist Islam crowd as was seen in Iran.

So there is no way that these same war mongers are now going to allow the Iraqi people to govern themselves.  We are being lied to.  They'll simply install another guy like Saddam.  They will install another stooge who will use US weapons to prevent an Islamic fundamentalist revolution in Iraq and who will obey American oil interests... and they'll hope this one doesn't turn on them like Saddam did.

Just watch... the US will declare the war over and the Iraqi people free.  They'll set up a provisional military government, in other words martial law.  Then they'll install some puppet figurehead like they did in Afghanistan.  Then any attacks that come from forces resisting the American occupation will be portrayed not as soldiers fighting their enemy in a war, but rather as terrorists attacking the new democratic Iraqi government. 

And what do you want to bet that the new Iraqi "terrorists" will be declared enemy combatants, just like the Taliban fighters, and sent off to some camp like Gitmo without the Geneva convention POW rules being honored?  Then Bush will tell us that these terrorists are being aided by Syria and Iran, so we'll need to "liberate" them as well.

So here is the big story in the US corporate press...

Iraqis Cheer Collapse of Saddam's Regime

Click here for the full story

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Their hour of freedom at hand, jubilant Iraqis celebrated the collapse of Saddam Hussein (news - web sites)'s murderous regime on Wednesday, beheading a toppled statue of their longtime ruler in downtown Baghdad and embracing American troops as liberators.

Now here is the part of the story you won't see in the US.

The story from the US that we hear is that Iraqis were running from the piles of rubble, well those who still have both legs,  and hugging soldiers and cheering. Well this story shows just how much we are being lied to and how much the truth is being manipulated.  Those are not the same people we've been bombing for the last month.

Click here for whole story

Chalabi calls for uprising as he joins exiles in Iraq
By Andrew Buncombe in Numaniyah

08 April 2003

The Iraqi opposition, for so many years waiting in exile, was back in central Iraq last night with more than 700 of its fighters, flown in by the US to help the Allied forces with their push to topple Saddam Hussein.

Just like in America, Bush has to bring in his own supporters for the media to hide the opposition.  The actual residents of Iraq were a busy dealing with things like this:

Warning, this image depicts the graphic truth about our "liberation" of Iraq.

Now take a look at the WIDE shot...

Hardly looks like "thousands" of Iraqis to me.  Look at it.  They've blocked off traffic to keep any actual Iraqi locals away, and set up a photo shoot with a few dozen people.

Click here for the whole story

Here's the truth.

First there is a photo from the BBC website showing the statue toppling. Below that is a long-shot in which you can see the whole of Fardus Square (conveniently located just opposite the Palestine Hotel where the international media are based), and the presence of at most around 200 people most of them US troops (note the tanks and armoured vehicles) and assembled journalists.

The BBC website had the honesty to say that "dozens" of Iraqis were involved, but this grain of truth was swamped by the overwhelming impression of mass joy. The radio and TV were even worse.


Dear Liberal Media,
*Thanks* for the wonderful web site! I plan to go over the various articles during breaks and maybe at home. As a registered Green in Nevada, I am very much in the minority and feel somewhat overwhelmed with the attitudes expressed by so many of my fellow Northern Nevadans. Your site is a breath of fresh air for me.

Well just wait awhile, with all the toxic waste Bush wants to store in your state everybody should be liberal soon.  Trust me a few republican soccer moms pop out a few flipper babies and their politics change real quick.  But then again, they'd probably just blame it on Clinton.

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