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updated:  November 15, 2004
Please support a company that places importance on the priorities that we all need, GOD FIRST, FAMILY SECOND, CAREER THIRD. 
In a world like the one we live in today, we all need a savior.  Won't you trust Jesus to be your savior today?
Prayer and Support Network
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Missionaries are found all over the world.  Whether they are home missionaries spreading the word in their own communities, towns, and countries or gone overseas from thier homelands.  Missionaries need our prayers and financial support.  Many missionaries come from the United States.  They leave their comfortable homes to travel overseas and spread the love, work, hope and truth about Jesus Christ to others all over the world.  Here at home, many of us take for granted that there are missionaries overseas.  We stay greedy and look the other way when there is someone in need standing right in front of us. 

As Christians we should never fear someone knowing that we are God's children.  Many Christians openly seek the world in their everyday worldly lives and activities.  We go with the crowd except for at chruch.  At church we put on a different face and attitude.  I am not innocent of this myself.  We all do it to an extent.  I pray this message will bring us closer Christ and touch a few hearts into sharing their religion and faith with others.  We are all Christians. 

Once a we ask Jesus Christ to save us, he does.  This makes all Christians alike in that respect.  There is no difference in salvation.  It comes the same way for each of us.  The story behind being able to be saved through God being born to man, as man on earth as Jesus Christ, who then died for all of us, humans, who God created.  We became separated from God and Jesus Christ's coming was to forgive us of our sins, all of us and all of our sins, so that we might then be reconciled to God for eternity.

We must share our love for the Lord with others and stop hiding.  There are Christians who are missionaries in other countries dying just saying they are Christians.  They are brutally killed for believing the truth of Jesus Christ.  We sit here at home and hide.  We live in a free country.  We can share openly our faith and love in our Lord, Jesus Christ, and we usually do not.

Please, have faith in Jesus Christ for good in all things.  Share him openly with others.  Not necessarily to make your church bigger, but just to help someone else come to Christ that otherwise may not have ever known of him or taken the time to learn.  Help someone else find Jesus Christ so that they might also be saved from their own sins.  Not for a denomination for the love of our Lord and the love and want of all to come to know Christ as their personal savior and Lord.

Love in Christ,
Sandy Elders