All of my tattoos could not have been accomplished without the help of my good friend Dave Vanderberg of 'Dave's Tattooing' in Sacramento, CA.

A close shot of my newest tattoo. It's a Nautical star over my navel.

A wide shot of the star.

A close-up of the tattoo on my lower back. It's my astrological symbol in the actual shape of a rams head made of cracked stone. I drew it up myself.

A wide shot of the rams head

A close-up of the tatt that runs accross the left side of my rib cage. It's a zipper with my father's initials in the faub or head of the zipper. That tattoo has a GREAT story behind it. Ask me about it sometime!

A wide shot of the zipper

A close-up shot of the tattoo on my ass. Yup, may people joke about having this done, but it was one of the tattoos that I always wanted.

A wide shot of "Your Name"
More and more pics will be coming very shortly as I get more tattoos in the near future, so check back often!
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