This is where we para-jumped into

I just para-jumped into the camp

Me just waiting for orders, DAMN it was cold!

Hmmmm, still waiting

This is where we para-jumped into

Getting my orders from the brass (I'm the one wearing the black beanie on the left)

More and more orders....(Still wearing the beanie)

Catching some quick zzzzz's

My buddy Sgt Lewis AKA "The Motha-fuckin' Falco" catchin some zzzz's

The hole we had to dig to sleep in and to defend our position

The hole when we were finished

My buddy Ian AKA "Hardon" comin at me with a shovel

A better pic of Hardon

My buddy Tyler, this guys name is Tyler Taylor....Man, I thought I had a bad name.

My buddy Minyard AKA "Minyard The Man"

Just me and the clouds......

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