Handcrafted Wooden Marionettes
The Little Mexicana is my store in New Mexico and we make and sell these beautiful marionettes of wood that are made by our artist Antonio Quiroz. The New Mexico Marionette is totally collectible and unique. We also make bultos (Which are small wooden statues of Saints or people) and rosaries made of hemp and beads. Most of our puppets run from $25.-$50. Since we are pretty small, we don't take credit cards yet. Don't forget to check on my profile for more cool links. Check on photopage to see more of my marionettes under cool link two. We also have another page in the member pages listed under crafts jewlry. It is named The Little Mexicana. We have more cowboys coming, and more adelitas.
For more information, please contact me at thelittlemexicana@yahoo.com or at (505)393-8015 in New Mexico
New Mexico alien Checker Cowboy
This is one of our plainer cowboys. He dressed in vest and chaps and carries a lariat.He is $35.00 He is now SOLD
This is a true New Mexico alien. He is dressed in his silver jumpsuit and black boots and is ready for New Mexico. He is painted in alien green and irridescent sparkles. His price is $25.00
Female Rd. Gypsy
Rose Charra
This is a gypsy. She carries a tambourine and entered NM through Mexico. She has long red hair and has a fair complexion.Her shawl is wrapped around her waist ready for a dance. She sells for $30.00
This is female charra dressed in pink and black. She is a landowners daughter and she carries a whip. She stands 16 1/2 inches high and has a med.complexion. She is $40.00
Fiesta Chile Pepper Girl
Floral Fiesta
This is a female fiesta girl dressed in chili pepper yellow. New Mexicans love to fiesta whether they are rich or poor. She is one of our first marionettes and is cheaper. She runs for $25.00
This is a young girl out for a fiesta and she is dressed to dance. She has lace trimmed around her floral dress and wears handpainted sandles. She is $25.00
Brown Priest
NM nun
This is a Franciscan priest he has a cross and a handmade rosary hanging from his belt. Not seen but hanging in the back is the round straw hat favored by our early priests. His complexion is fair and he has gray hair. He sells for $25.00
This is a nun. She used to be seen quite often in New Mexico because of the Catholic influence. She stands about 16 inches and has a light complexion. She sells for $25.00