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A biography of Adrian Loo
      by Leon Lim

      Adrian Loo, guitar playing lizard man, was born 20th April 1972. For his birthday, send him money or plant specimens, especially curious chimeras.
      His fine education began at the Holy Spirit Kindergarten, where he met the dubious personality of Ah Ngee, and sealed their friendship forever at knee height in a crowded Sin Ming wet market. He also attended the now defunct demolished distinctly character building Sembawang Hills Estate primary school. After which, Ang Mo Kio Secondary called his name, and (boy, this is tiring, so...) Raffles Junior College. He received his Bachelors of Science from National University of Singapore in Botany and Zoology (I think), and is currently doing his Masters in Botany.

Heavily influenced by the early works of Matisse, Leon offers this depiction of Adrian waving his mighty fists. (right)
      Some day Adrian hopes to shit in all those holes in those ecological disasters menacingly masquerading as golf courses in pathetically prestigious (and confused) country clubs in our little urban island of Singapore (But donít tell anyone, we donít want him caught).
      Adrian was a star soccer player, and played for the Under 16 (I think) Singapore National Team where he learned to... hmmm, nevermind. He once played a game where he scored about 2 ga-jillion goals to win 11-1 (ah, now you know...). He stopped playing soccer because of a mysterious kidney disease, met St Anthony flying on a cloud, found the Reality of religion.
     Not one to regard anything with indifference, Adrian is celebrating the end of the millennium by getting married this year.

      And oh, Adrian has flown fighter jet planes, was once in love with Caterpillar Girl, served in the reconnaissance company in the Singapore Armed Forces, survived that maniacial mosquitoes of Taman Negara, and found his Voice.

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