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About Kristine,
     by Leon Lim

Kristine Ann Oehlers, or KAO for short, is one of God's most charming creatures, albeit a little confused at times. She lives somewhere in Singapore. I feel obliged to keep her exact address secret because I know some weirdo will try to stalk her. The precise location of her abode is available for a mere transaction fee of US$50 (please include SAE).

KAO joined us in June 1993, and made us feel complete for the first time. She is the first voice that spoke the lizard truth, so to speak, in an honest fashion not unlike sincere speech somewhat akin to sublimation, yet not speaking but singing.

Kristine is about 5'4", weighs however many pounds 50 kilograms is, has dark brown hair, and those big brown eyes. Her lips, well, we'll leave her lips alone. She wears size 4 dresses, and looks lovely in floral sun dresses (although that is not the image she wants to project these days). I don't know her shoe size, but her feet are small (my paternal grandmother would approve; my maternal grandmother on the other hand, could not care less about feet) though not the foot binding small.

Kristine has two dogs - a Corgi and a Becky. The Corgi is called Coco, and the Becky is called a beagle. The Corgi called Coco is a champion, having won numerous competitive Corgi contests. The beagle? Well, the beagle, I am sure won something too. But poor Becky is obese now. But they are happy, and Kristine loves them.

Here follows the specific and mundane details of Kristine's life :

An old girl of PL MGS, she proceeded to ACJC, and ended up in NUS, where she read A & SS with a major in TS. There she lived in EH, and frequented FS, where she consumed NL and ML with FF. It is said that on some rainy nights, you can hear KAO singing quietly to herself, and it sounds like rain. Which is a compliment.
Currently, she is teaching, though I am not sure if I am allowed to reveal that. But she is also busy with finding her Self. Which is something we all don't do enough of. (back to the details) Her hobbies include LTM (her favourite performers include TEB, TC, & AdF ). KAO, though more German than Irish, also enjoys an Irish melody every now and then. She drives her mother's HC, when she drives; and drinks C with M & S, when she drinks C. Her C drinking haunt is LH hotel near the SL, which is very near my house, actually.

(according to Leon)

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