Leon (or parts thereof)

A biography of Leon Lim
by Adrian Loo

Ode to Leon Lim Jee-Hin

Was born in the sky 29th July 1972.
A bleeding heart he carries, leaking its water that we never dare release.
Beautiful waves carry him.
Each sound belongs, like the leaves on a tree, on each branch, petiole; a gentle endless breeze will someday blow these into one mighty song.
Koan I am bound to him in a helical juxtapose, our song-line, our totem. A tunnel runs through his carpal and a painful release.

Someday he hopes to fly.
(Probably the reason for his strict diet of beans)
He says he's never had it released.
He saves this for one big Flapulent wave that will propel him sky-high.

Some writings by Leon

Chronoshoological events
         also by Adrian

  • 1976-1977 Holy Spirit Kindergarten (where he met me, where we could never write our Chinese-character names)
  • 1978-1984 Sembawang Hills Estate Primary School (where he met Lim LiLi, where he bled in the nose for attention, where he paid off my debt of 70 cents to a class gangster aged 10, that sealed the friendship)
  • 1985-1988 Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School (where he met YunMan).

    That's about when he decided we should start a band so we could meet more females. We had a hard time coming up with the band name and after a while we decided to call ourselves "JJ", the Jammin Jenitals. That stuck for about one day. Don't ask how The Lizards' Convention came to be cos I (Adrian) am not too sure. He comes up with something new each time. The story gets quite colourful, especially if the interviewer is a babe.
  • 1989-1990 Victoria Junior College (where he dreamt he kissed the sun).
  • 1991-1997 Rode a scrambler to impress mainly chicks. That's where he decided that Kristine would sing for us. The plain fact is, she is the most babe of the other singers we had, and she can sing! See beh heng!
    What luck. Ta dah....

    (to the right is a portrait of Leon, as "Jee-Hin the Monster", by Adrian and Nat)

    Leon studied in Boston, Berklee School of Music, where he subsisted on meals of beans and lentinl. Now graduated, he is still ingesting legumes and is STILL in America, where he can be found wig-wagging over future possibilites and possible futures. If paid enough in bribes, he may actually take some decisive steps toward completing the new CD.

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