We have finally finished recording the follow up to Here's a Funny Fish, Hurrah! It's called Here's a Funny Fist, Honey!, and it features ten of the most titilating tunes for doing dirty dishes.
But seriously, the new album is entitled Quarkstar.
The release date of Quarkstar was set for 1.9.99, then delayed till 2.2.00. 2.2.200 came and went, still no Quarkstar. What is the excuse? Sheer laziness, Leon opines. Actually, it is more than that, Jimmy Wee former head of Ponycanyon wanted us to record a follow-up to Funny Fish, but just when we were supposed to go into the studio, Ponycanyon announced that it was closing. So without a budget or studio we in true punk DIY spirit recorded anyway, in Leon's tiny bedroom. The result is a Nebraska-esque in spirit recording that captured that moment in time. We are waiting to see in Jimmy wants to release it, and if not we need to figure out the logistics of releasing an album, all of which is time consuming and since we all are rather busy, and not sitting around eating bonbons all day, it is taking a little longer than expected. So bear with us.

Amid the ongoing comments regarding the availability of Funny Fish, the idea was put forth about copying our music. That, of course, wouldn't sit very well with those who hold the purse strings on Funny Fish. And then there is that thing about supporting local music. Do feel free to sample our music on our download page, for your personal use, until the CD's are available once again.
We just received a newsflash that one of our readers.. errr, visitors.. err fans found several copies of Funny Fish at a Cash Converter place. While LeSonde neglected to mention in what country he/she discovered these gems, please feel free to share information about such finds in our guest book. Share the news, man, that's what the 'net is all about!

On other fronts...
Adrian is getting married! Sorry girls, guys and transgender fish-lovers! He will be marrying a lovely and fair creature, whom I might add Leon tried to woo albeit unsuccessfully back in 1987. Leon is still nursing a complex inferiority complex from the failed venture. Despite that, please wish them all the best when they join in sacred matrimony in the end of the year nuptial ceremony. Hurrah!
Kristine is busy with teaching, but that is a secret, so don't tell anyone.
Leon is STILL in America. Geez. Living in Cambridge, Massachusetts, he is trying to figure out why it has been such a lame season for snow and wondering when he can use the two new sleds he recently acquired with childlike anticipation but adult reasoning that it snows in Wintertime. Thank you Global Warming.

The Lizards' Convention are working on their third album, tentatively entitled Untitled. (don't encourage them by asking about this third album. Send harrassing email regarding their SECOND one immediately -ed)

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