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new website!

So, all of you kids who turned out for our reunion show should know, we've changed our name to yes, please. I hope everyone enjoied our "new sound." We had six barrels full of fun playing. Hopefully we'll have a lot more shows very soon. Another thing we should have very soon is new MP3s and ready yourself, an entirely new website? We may keep this but I think it more probable that we'll have a whole new website. Yeah, so look for those MP3s soon, we recorded our last practice.


I just realized--Thursday is the band's 1 year anniversary!

Sooo, Lo-Fi be a practicing 2 times a week, gettin' ready for our first show since last summer this Saturday. Gonna be kickass. At our last practice we recorded 6 songs, which I took home on Aaron's Minidisk player and put on to some CD's. Maybe I'll make some more for our show Saturday. Eeeeeye dunno.

Show should be a blast. Come and bring all ya friends, too, bootie-pants!

We gots us a bookin', yes sir we do. It's on June 12th at the Matrix. I've got some more hazey details in the shows section, I'll post da facts as I find out what they are. Yay! I'm excited...

Hi everybody. Lo-Fi is re-forming this summer. Hoo hoo. Uhhh, yea, totally, we have a show sometime in June, I forgot when, I'll have to ask Aaron again.
Stay tuned.

archive it!

Holy shit, we have a guestbook.

We play shows?

Look at us! photographs.

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