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visitors have accessed this page since 4-24-2002

[Anavrin 10-18-2003 7:30 PM]

     First of all, if you are still coming here for some reason, stop. Go here instead. But, your reward for coming: an mp3 present from my band.

Vacation, The Mars Volta
[Anavrin 6-06-2003 9:45 PM]

     The members page will be completely re-done with a single chart that contains everyones levels in each class. There will also be a small page for each person containing whatever info they feel like putting there.

     Williams finally got his monster sign from HMT, after weeks of hunting. Cedric is going WHM main now, already level 39 with teleport rute. Seulgaist is going SAM main, level 19 right now. Skye is almost level 65 DRK/THF with maxed support. I haven't done much recently, just leveling supports, WAR is 10, NIN is 23, and I'd like to get RNG to 15 tonight. Pork is a mystery on our linkshell, nobody knows what is up with him, or who he is. School is out, summer will be long, lazy, and filled with FF11.

     Cedric, Boohiss, and I will be in Cedar Point from Sunday, June 8 through Wednesday, June 11. It will probably be the most fun we've ever had. We plan to take thousands of pictures, so I'll post some up when we get back.

     Some of you might have wondered, "What the hell is the mars volta?" Either that, or you know, but you haven't heard them. The Mars Volta is a band that rises from the ashes of At The Drive-In, our past favorite band. The creative and talented members of ATDI, Cedric Bixler and Omar Rodriguez, moved on to create The Mars Volta. TMV, in our opinions, has already surpassed the works of ATDI with their upcoming debut album, "De-Loused in the Comatorium" (we've heard a full advanced copy).

     The Mars Volta, in our opinions, is the greatest band of all time. Everyone should hear their music. Check here to find out everything there is to know about The Mars Volta, and their upcoming album "De-loused in the Comatorium" (due out JUNE 24). Another great source of information, complete with downloads, can be found at The Comatorium. If you appreciate and enjoy music, you CAN'T MISS this album!

Cedric and Omar

Happy Easter (another update)
[Anavrin 4-20-2003 9:30 PM]

     I know it's been a while, it usually is. I got the member page updated to current, and a few other unnoticeable improvements. So, how about that forum...? Hey, I'll use it if you guys do.

     Well, I'm pretty late with this news, but yes, there are Summoners, Ninjas, Samurais, and Dragoons in the game. It's kinda funny, cause thats what we speculated from the start. Ninjas can dual wield weapons and explode without losing experience, Samurais are weapon skill charging masters, Summoners have crazy MP, and Dragoons can call a dragon to accompany them.

     I got around to completing the Summoner quest after what seemed like an endless hell. One night/morning of rumors led into a server-wide leech hunt that is still going strong today. Kill leech -> 1% chance of carbuncle's ruby drop.

     After this (which took most of us nearly 10 hours), you must take the ruby to experience 7 weather conditions. This also took many of us 10 hours or so. It is sure worth it though, as Summoner is the most fun of all the jobs. Sharkie took a movie of me summoning Carbuncle, and it can be found here (you have to sign up first). There is also a video of us fighting the mission 6 dragon there.

     The expansion is out, and all the cool new info can be found here. Yeah, it's in Japanese, but you're only in it for the pictures anyway. My expansion will get here tomorrow, along with Cedric's. It's gonna be so bling.

     Finally, I recorded a song I threw together in my non-FF11 spare time. It's original, it's unfinished, it's crappy quality, but it's not half bad if you ask me. You can download it here.

Trampled Taru

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