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Spring 2007
Going Beyond The Speed Of Thought
LOGUS Psi-Talk Remote Viewing Forum
Wednesday, May 9,, 2007...
"New" Is The Movie "Next" Partly based or inspired by a Real Life Remote Viewer?
Contact Music
The Multi-Talented World
A. Edward Moch
Tanya Stewart Illustration Web Site
Friday, Apri; 27, 2007...
"New" Movie "Next" Nicolas Cage as "Cris Johnson" can See (Remote View) minutes before it happens...
NEXT The Movie
Tanya Stewart Illustrations
Friday, April 16, 2004...
"Six Degrees News"... Commentary and Points of View by Political Analyst/Commentator and Humorist, "Dr. Syberlux"
Celtfilm/Highlands Entertainment
"Six Degrees News" Index Web Site...
Celt Film Highlands Entertainment
Friday, April 09, 2004....
We have placed "Rumor Mill News Agency" to our link page. RMN... A center for Alternate News and Information!
Rumor Mill News Agency
A Slice Of Pie Web Site
Monday, Aug. 11, 2003...
California Recall Central. Join our own Analyst and Humorist, Dr. Syberlux and try to keep up with the Recall Crowd!
A Slice of Pie Productions
Rumor Mill News Agency
Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2002...
   CIA Releases "Stargate Collection" to The NARA... Shades of the Real "Minority Report"?
At last.. the CIA has released "The Stargate Collection to The National Archives...
Hollywood Reporter
Rumor Mill News Agency
Tuesday, Nov. 04, 2002...
   "Ed Moch" does HBO's "Deadwood.
"There's a lot of Moch's out there in the Dakotas", Smiled Chracter Re-Enactor, A. Edward Moch
"Six Degrees News" Index Web Site
Hollywood Reporter
"Six Degrees News"
with Dr.Syberlux
Saturday, Sept. 28, 2002...
   Former Sandra Levy suspect to be re-interviewed.
In a recent media report, a former suspect in the Levy case will be questioned again...
Skatting On Thin Ice Productions
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