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This is how I started. . .   Way back in the 70's.  Mom, Dad and little me.  My parents met in Ethiopia, where my father was raised and where my mother was stationed as a nurse in the army.  If you click on the links below you can see a little of the De Ponti family history in Ethiopia through my cousin Maurizio's eyes.
Here's Mom and I sitting on a bench made from a buggy seat.  It really bounces.  Perfect for California during an earthquake -- you wouldn't feel a thing!
Here is me practicing the dazed distant look so hopefully the picture would not be taken;  but alas, even if I don't look at the camera, it gets snapped.  Or maybe it was practice for a future life in the fast-paced world of professional staring. 
This is the two at present day.  Still the two most important people in the world!
More Family
Here are some links to how it all started in Ethiopia with my grandfather as seen through my cousin Maurizio's eyes.  My grandfather, Giacomo De Ponti, had banana and citrus plantations, apartment complexes, and  houses.   There are pictures of him with Haile Sellassie, the Emperor of Ethiopa, as well as the Shah of Iran.   To see page one of the brief history, click herepage two, click here.    P.S.  The story Maurizio wrote to narrate the pictures is in Italian.
Here is Maurizio in his restaurant.  Click his picture to get a link to his home page.  There you will find information about his restaurant, apartments and farm in Italy.
Here is a link to my father's website.
...And here is dad on his 1951 Ford 8N tractor.  He enjoys restoring this antique tractor.