Here is my lovely, wonderful, and exciting pal Kristen; isn't she friendly? She's a cutie too!  Luv ya girl ;o)
Here are my great friends Martin and Becky.  Aren't they a cute couple?  They will be married this summer (2001).
Here is the gang celebrating some good times.  We have (from left, top) Peter, Chris, Me, Steve, Maryanne, (bottom) Allen, Leigh, Sandra, Linda, and Hanna.
Here is my Kristen with me,  Anna, and Corie at her side/ in her lap.  I think she is going to have some words with me when she sees the pictures I put up of her -- her eyes are closed on this one -- sorry Krit, I couldn't find any others!
Meet Ilona, a new friend of mine who is a dancer from Ukrane.  She and I hit it off really well in spite of the language barrier.
Here are Elizabeth, Kristen, Chris, Corie, me, Amy and Jim at the Rectory for a night of movies, discussion and fellowship with our priests -- we had so much fun!!
This is some more of the gang;  Some new faces, and some missing faces.  From left: Jane, Sandra, Leigh, Chris, Gary, Me, Steve, and Lisa.
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Here is Miss Stacey, looking pretty as ever; We went camping at Carolina Beach and had a blast!
Here she is again, being as cute as can be; we were getting into some puddin' at boone lake in the grass.