This is Jenny and I kissing and klinking our drinking  glasses on new years under the mistletoe.  That's mighty tastey (and potent) egg-nog I was drinking thanks to a good friend's grandmother's recipe.
This is me on the rim of the Grand Canyon.  It certainly was a beautiful trip!
I just got. . . well, you know.
This is me climbing up the Grand Canyon and trying not to get stuck.  Actually, I wasn't suppose to get stuck; I was pretending to climb up a big cliff while only on a little ledge, but I could barely get up, hence the big grin.
And here I am roasting in an Arizonan desert at 121 degrees, it seems as if I'm trying to look like a Mexican trucker (sheesh). --  not that there's anything wrong with that --:o).
An here I am in the back of my new SUV.  Sweet isn't it?  I like the torpedo hatches and pressure regulators I had installed at the dealer, they come in handy.  Ok -- so I'm in a submarine in Philadelphia, I thought the other story was more exciting. . . .  . 
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God's gift to women
Yes -- So here I am  in my apartment just supporting my local wall,  trying to look debonair.
This is me staring blankly into the distance, thoughtfully exploring the intricasies of life (ok, so I was thinking about how nice it would be to take a nap).  I believe exploring the depths of my shallowness would be a more accurate assessment of what was my motivation for having this picture taken.  Not sure what I was thinking, trying to prove something, I suppose (I have a plethora of these modeling pictures from that phase of my life).  I guess I'm somewhat still in a bit of that "phase" because I have yet to take the pictures off the website!  Perhaps I'm still fishing for compliments. . . .