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This is it...the one spot on the great World Wide Web where the very coolest crowd lets The Lusty Wench know how much they love her site.

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Kelly - 06/08/00 23:27:34
My URL:http://www.lastdecember.com
Occupation: teaching pigs to fly
Favorite music: anything and everything (heh, okay no country or rap:P~)
Favorite books: hooked on phonics didn't werk for me!
Beverage of Choice: rye and coke!! (or just good ol' canadian beer!)
Do you drink coffee?: yes. lots of it. *shakes* i need more!!!!
Are you lusty?: oh baby!

Hey!! I just wanted you to know about a band called Last December (http://www.lastdecember.com) who have a debut album coming out called "without wings"!!! Head over to their page and hear some of their songs on MP3!! and if you like them, join their e-group!! http://www.egroups.com/group/LastDecember-OnlineStreetTeam !! see you later!

Morgan - 02/03/00 00:27:52
My Email:Morrrgan@aol.com
Favorite music: matchbox20
Beverage of Choice: seltzer water!
Do you drink coffee?: nope
Are you lusty?: oh yeah!

Your page is awesome! I just love Vertical Horizon. Would you please check out a new Artist out of Atlanta? His name is Angie Aparo and his debut album, THE AMERICAN, is due for release on March 7. The single, SPACESHIP, is on stations throughout the coun ry! He's going to be big! Please check out his official website at www.angieaparo.com. Thanks for the cool site!

Kate-the-wench - 01/24/00 16:13:32
My URL:none so far
My Email:thelustywench@hotmail.com
Occupation: nagging
Favorite music: not enough space to describe
Favorite books: see "Public Library"
Beverage of Choice: Mead!! Alternately, water.
Do you drink coffee?: On occasion
Are you lusty?: Come hither and see for yourself


Suz Warren - 08/17/99 23:29:18
My URL:http://not yet!
My Email:suzwarren@yahoo.com
Occupation: airline analyst
Favorite music: anything by Clapton
Favorite books: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Beverage of Choice: bourbon and water. or tequila. or gin. or dark beer. or a brandy alexander.
Do you drink coffee?: tons
Are you lusty?: heck yes! but no longer a wench!

Great page, Jill - I had fun! Suz

Hunter Cook - 07/01/99 02:08:17
My Email:huntercook@hotmail.com
Occupation: student
Favorite music: acoustic
Favorite books: The Pursuit of Holiness by: Jerry Bridges
Beverage of Choice: sweet tea
Do you drink coffee?: yeah
Are you lusty?: hmmm...let me get back to ya on that one

I love this page! There is so much fun stuff here to look at. I was very excited when I saw that Jill had bootlegs of Rockwell Church. I am a huge RC fan! I also like so many of the other bands she has tapes of. Jill has great taste in her music preferenc s. I shall return soon.

Debsi '87 - 04/08/99 16:58:19
My Email:starke@cmsu1.cmsu.edu
Occupation: SAS programmer/data analyst
Favorite music: Celtic, Blues, X music
Favorite books: "Being Peace" by Thich Nhat Hanh
Do you drink coffee?: Yes!
Are you lusty?: Yes!

Well, hello there, JN. Like your website! Another product of Lexington schools (class of '87)....

Sandy - 01/24/99 01:02:01
My URL:http://members.aol.com/sandywarre/links/index.htm
My Email:sandywarre@aol.com
Occupation: Photojournalist
Favorite music: American folk, western
Favorite books: "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil," "Confederacy of Dunces," "The Stories of Eva Luna"
Beverage of Choice: coffee
Do you drink coffee?: java
Are you lusty?: lusty tho minus 1 busty

I see you've changed your logo since the last time I was here. I'll be visiting again, especially since I know you probably will be adding something new to this site, due to your recent life change(s)!

Joe Proctor - 11/24/98 17:00:36
My Email:JPFreelance@yahoo.com
Occupation: Freelance writer
Favorite music: JACKOPIERCE, Vertical Horizon, Pat McGee Band, DMB, Dovetail Joint, American Horse
Favorite books: Clancy, Grisham
Beverage of Choice: Pepsi
Do you drink coffee?: No
Are you lusty?: No comment

A strange but pleasant page. Keep up the good (and lusty) work!

Sandy - 09/06/98 01:08:43
My Email:sandywarre@aol.com
Occupation: explorer
Favorite music: Thus Spake Zarathustra
Favorite books: encyclopedia
Beverage of Choice: tang
Do you drink coffee?: doesn't everyone?
Are you lusty?: but of course

Are there actually beings who don't drink coffee?? You can only be born with lust as it's inherited, from your birth mother, never the father.

Cow Patty - 08/23/98 22:15:57
My Email:shit.city@shitty.state
Occupation: cowgirl
Favorite music: tex ritter, western
Favorite books: larry mcmurtry books
Beverage of Choice: sasparilla
Do you drink coffee?: see above
Are you lusty?: too shitty for that


Murph - 08/03/98 18:03:54
Occupation: 47-year-old truck driver from Eudora with a penchant for flatulance
Favorite music: Old show tunes with the lyrics changes
Favorite books: The Great Book series suggested by Mortimer Adler and friends
Beverage of Choice:
Do you drink coffee?: Uh ...
Are you lusty?: Uh ...

Desperately seeking cyber sex.

pk - 07/16/98 20:28:37
My URL:http://tianet.org
My Email:knight@tianet.org
Occupation: aspiring prosecutor. I mean, I might as well taking advantage of my propensity for quick and unforgiving judgements
Favorite music: I'm listening to a lot of Jelly Roll Morton (late '30s ragtime piano) and Suzanne Vega
Favorite books: Books? Huh?
Beverage of Choice: Cute, Jillykat.
Do you drink coffee?: I'm considering starting. I've been having a lot of problems getting up in the morning.
Are you lusty?: For all the wrong things at all the wrong times with all the wrong people.

Good job on the page Jill! And I remember when you didn't even know how to use a search engine.

Danny O - 07/16/98 16:04:32
My Email:b1991@yahoo.com
Occupation: Love Doctor
Favorite music: C+C MF, VH, JP
Favorite books: The Art of Kama Sutra
Beverage of Choice: Love Potion #69
Do you drink coffee?: Oh, but of course.
Are you lusty?: You know it, Shelley!

Shelley, Thanks for the most incredible night of my life! And the breakfast wasn't too bad either! When can we do it again? xxoo, YOUR Love Doctor

The Man in Mono - 07/14/98 20:40:09
My Email:pmgarrity@aol.com
Occupation: school
Favorite music: vh
Favorite books: catcher in the rye
Beverage of Choice: busch light
Do you drink coffee?: nope.
Are you lusty?: depends on who you ask

this is the first guest book i've ever signed, and let me just say, it's TERIFFIC!!! i have a particular interest in the song "japan" by vertical horizon as well.